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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Reservoir and Channel Routing

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Question 1

A new reservoir has a capacity of 12 Mm3 And its catchment area is 400 km2. The annual sediment yield from this catchment is 0.1 ha m/km2 and the trap efficiency can be assumed constant at 90%. The number of years it takes for the reservoir to lose 50% of its initial capacity is, nearly

Question 2

Which of the following is incorrect regarding linear reservoir?

Question 3

A channel has an inflow of 50 cumec at time t=0, at the same time the channel has an outflow of 30cumec after certain time it was observed to have an inflow of 60 cumec with an outflow 45cumec. The change in storage depth is 20m3. The flood hydrograph with the weighing factor 0.3. Determine the storage time constant.

Question 4

The routing expression as per Muskingham method of the channel routing is given as

Determine value of C1 considering storage constants k = 10hrs and x = 0.22 and time step Δt for routing is 6hrs

Question 5

The plan area of a reservoir is 1 km2. The water level in the reservoir is observed to decline by20 cm in a certain period. During this period the reservoir receives a surface inflow of 10 hectare–meters, and 20 hectare–meters are abstracted from the reservoir for irrigation and power. The pan evaporation and rainfall recorded during the same period at a near by meteorological station are 12 cm and 3 cm respectively. The calibrated pan factor is 0.7. The seepage loss from the reservoir during this period in hectare–meters is
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