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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Network Analysis - PERT

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Question 1

The duration of any activity in case of a PERT programme is calculated as a weighted average of three time estimates namely the optimistic time to, the pessimistic time tp and the most probable time tm, which is given as

Question 2

Which one of the following is a point in time when certain conditions have been fulfilled, such as the start or completion of one or more activities?

Question 3

The difference between the latest allowable time and earliest expected time of an event is known as

Question 4

The area under -distribution curve is divided into two equal parts by

Question 5

PERT calculations yield a project length of 70 weeks with a variance of 9 weeks. The number of weeks required to complete the project with a probability of 95% (probability factor for 95% = 1.647) is
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