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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Hydrographs and its Analysis

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Question 1

A mean annual runoff of 2 m3/s from a catchment of area 10 km2 represents as effective rainfall of nearly:

Question 2

The land use of an area and the corresponding runoff coefficients are as follows:

What is the equivalent runoff coefficient?

Question 3

A unit hydrograph for a watershed is triangular in shape with base period of 20 hours. The area of the watershed is 500 ha. What is the peak discharge in m3/hours?

Question 4

The time of concentration at the outlet urban area catchment of 1.5 km2 area with a run off coefficient of 0.42 is 28 minutes. The maximum depth of rainfall with a 50 year return period for this time of concentration is 48 mm. what is the peak flow rate at the outlet for this return period?

Question 5

Ombrometer (pluviometer) is used to measure
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