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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Design of Staircase, walls, footings, retaining walls. MISCELLANEOUS

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Question 1

Assertion (A): Tank can’t be design using limit of collapse as well as limit state of serviceability for deflection.

Reason (R): Design of tank using WSM is easy.

Question 2

Depth of foundation governs by

Question 3

What will be a Net upward pressure unreinforced concrete wall footing. If thickness and load carrying capacity of a wall is 72 cm and 600 kN per meter (SBC = 200 kN/m2) Assume weight of footing is 10% of load on the wall

Question 4

For a retaining wall following information is given

(i) The total vertical load or weight ∑V = 176.15 KN.

(ii) The total resisting moment ∑MR = 323.91 KN-m.

(iii) The total overturning moment ∑MO = 78.33 KN-m

(iv) Base width of retaining wall b = 3 m.

then, the eccentricity and maximum base pressure/stress will be respectively.

Question 5

A Machine foundation is idealized by spring mass system. If total weight of foundation is 700N and spring constant 450000 N/cm the what will be time period
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