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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Design of Slabs

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Question 1

What will be the maximum Span to depth ratio for a slab (4 × 6 m), if the slab is simply supported on all its edges? The slab is made up of M25 grade concrete and Fe415 grade steel.

Question 2

For cracked section, uncracked section finds correct relation respective

Question 3

Reinforced concrete slabs are designed for
1) Shear
2) Flexure
3) Positive bending moment
4) Negative bending moment

Question 4

For a 600 mm wide be an design subjected to Normal shear stress, shear stress for concrete is 1.45 MPa and 0.56 MPa respectively what will be spacing of strippus if 6ϕ – 4 legged strippus combination is used (Fe 415/M25)

Question 5

What is the over all depth of the slab 3×4m in size to safety vertical deflection limit. The slab is continuous and reinforced with Fe 415 steal.
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