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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Crashing of Networks

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Question 1

Direction: Each of the question consist of two statements, one labeled as the ‘Statement (I)’ and the other as ‘Statement (II)’. Examine these two statements carefully and select the answer to these items using the codes given below:
Statement (I): Crashing of project duration always increases the cost of the project on its completion, no matter what the indirect, or overhead, costs are.
Statement (II): The critical path along the project activities network diagram is compressed in the process of investigating the crashing of the project duration, and not the non-critical activities, up to a certain stage of crashing.

Question 2

Assertion (A): Whereas crashing considers only the negative cost slope aspects, resource allocation may need consideration of the posiyive cost slope aspect also.
Reason (R):Implementability is vased on manageability and affordability of resource histograms.

Question 3

A project network diagram is shown in the figure below

Normal time and crash time for each activity are given below

The minimum time required for the completion of the project is:

Question 4

Consider following statements regarding various costs associated with a project:

(i) For any project, direct cost is increased when project duration is reduced.

(ii) Indirect cost increases with increase in project duration.

(iii) Crashing of a network decreases the direct cost.

(iv) Crashing of a network increases the indirect cost.

Correct statement (s) is/are:

Question 5

A small project consists of 3 activities P, Q and R to be executed in that sequence. The relationship between time duration (in ‘Units of time -T) and corresponding total direct cost (C units) for each of the activities, for alternate mutually exclusive possible durations for each activity, are tabulated herewith:

For a total duration of 25 units of time, the least total direct cost for the complete project will be
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