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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Construction Equipments and Miscellaneous

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Question 1

Engines used in earthwork equipment are qualified by the power developed under sepcified conditions. As operating conditions change, the power developed will increase with local ambience, if
1) Ambient temperature increases
2) Ambient temperature decreases
3) Ambient pressure increases
4) Ambient pressure decreases
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 2

A tractor has a permissible loaded speed of 200 m/minute, which can increase by 25% when the load is removed/deposited. Generally, it is operated at 80% of the permissible speed (loaded unloaded). It works at a location where haul distance is 120 m. Rest allowance per round-trip is taken as 50 seconds on an average. Fixed time per trip, for loading and unloading and turnaround, etc., is 30 seconds.
What is its effective cycle time?

Question 3

Statement(I): Output from a power Shovel is independent of depth of cut.

Statement(II): The depth of cut varies with the size of dipper of a power shovel.

Question 4

Which of the following statements regarding construction equipment’s are correct.

1) The example of standard equipment is power showel, tractor and the example of special equipment’s are conal excavator and belt conveyor.

2) The initial cost of standard equipment is more

3) The resale value and the initial cost of special instruments is more

Question 5

Find the resistance of a vehicle of wt. 30 tones that would be required on a 4% slope (uphill) to move the vehicle if the vehicle can pull 50 kg of force per ton
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