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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz 23 || Transfer Function & Concept of pole zero

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Question 1

The input-output transfer function of a plant . The plant is placed in a unity negative feedback configuration as shown in the figure below.

The signal flow graph that Does Not model the plant transfer function H(s) is

Question 2

If all roots of a polynomial lie in the left half of the complex plan, then that polynomial is called.

Question 3

The unit step response of an under damped second order system has steady state value of –2. Which one of the following transfer function has these properties?

Question 4

The Polynomial s4 + 3s3  + 6s2 + 12s + 8 has

Question 5

Consider a system with transfer function , consisting of the RC circuit as shown below:

Consider two such systems are cascaded. Find the expression of and the resulting transfer function of the cascaded system respectively.
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