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Question 1

Statement (I): Weight batching method does not produce concrete of required strength.
Statement (II): Bulking of aggregates does not influence the weight batching method.

Question 2

Two reservoirs maintain a constant difference of water levels of 11.25 m and are connected by a 10 cm diameter pipeline of 294.3 m length. The total of all head losses, by friction, valve losses, bend losses, inlet and exit losses, and velocity head can be taken as 98.1 v2/2g (in m) where v is the flow velocity through the pipe (in m/sec). Assuming that the valve at the downstream end is suddenly opened so that there is no pressure wave, what will be the time taken for the velocity of flow in the pipe to attain 95% of the steady terminal velocity? Take

Question 3

In a laboratory consolidation test, the void of the sample reduced from 0.90 to 0.80 as the pressure was increased from 0.2 N/mm2 to 0.4 N/mm2. If the coefficient of permeability of the soil is 3.0 × 10–4 cm/s then consider following statements:

1. Coefficient of compressibility, av = 0.05 cm2/kg

2. Coefficient of compression, Cc = 0.33

3. Compression modulus, Ec = 3.03

4. Coefficient of consolidation Cv = 11.54 cm2/s

Correct statement(s) is /are:

Question 4

Find force in the member BC

Question 5

A contractor wishes to determine a suitable combination of manual labour and machine work for the excavation of a multistory construction.For every cum of excavation,3 man-hour are needed; or 0.2 machine-hour . costs involved are Rs. 20 per man-hour and Rs.500 per machine-hour. The total quantity of excavation is estimated to be 4000 cum. The optimal quantity of excavation to be done manually for minium total cost will be

Question 6

In a braced vertical excavation of 5 m height and 2.20 m width in a cohesive soil having undrained cohesion equal to 20 kN/m2 and bulk unit weight of 20 kN/m3, what is the factor fo safety against heave failure at its base?

Question 7

Consider the following statements:
1). Peat and muck are inorganic soils.
2). Peat an inorganic soil whereas muck is an organic soil.
3). Indurate clay is a type of clay which does not soften under prolonged wetting.
Which of these statements is /are correct?

Question 8

At a given place when the magnetic declination was 4˚ eastward, magnetic bearing of a line was 86˚. Calculate the magnetic bearing when the declination was 2˚ westward.

Question 9

A concrete column carries an axial load of 450 kN and a bending moment of 60 kNm at its base. An isolated footing of size 2 m × 3 m with the 3 m side along the plane of the bending moment is provided under the column. Centres of gravity of the column and footing coincide. The net maximum and minimum pressures, in kPa, on the soil under the footing are, respectively.

Question 10

In a river carrying a discharge of , the stage at a station A was 3.6m and the water surface slope was 1 in 6000. If during a flood, the stage at A was 3.6m and the water surface slope was 1 in 3000, what was the flood discharge (approximately)?

Question 11

The free end of a cantilever beam is suported by the free end of another cantilever beam using a roller as shown in the figure given below. What is the deflection at the roller support B?

Question 12

What will be the non-passing sight distance on a highway for a design speed of 100 kmph when its ascending gradient is 2%? Assume coefficient of friction as 0.7 and brake efficiency as 50%.

Question 13

In a plate girder, the web plate is connected to the flange plates by fillet welding. The size of the fillet welds is designed to safely resist

Question 14

A regime canal carries silt of median size 0.25 mm. The Lacey’s silt factor of this silt is

Question 15

An isosceles right-angled triangular section of diagonal length 14.14 cm is kept with its diagonal horizontal. It is subjected to a shear force of 2500 N. What is the maximum shear stress anywhere in the section?

Question 16

Which of the following statements is not correct?

Question 17

Consider the following statements:
In the context of sludge volume index (SVI),
1). The SVI is expressed as the volume (in cc) of the activated sludge for one gram of dry Weight of the sludge.
2). A higher value of SVI indicates a light and fluffy sludge which is not easily Settleable.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 18

Consider following losses which generally occur in a prestressed beam:

1) Elastic shortening

2) Creep

3) Shrinkage

4) Relaxation of steel

5) Anchorage slip

6) Friction

Which of these losses take place in both pretensioned and post tensioned structures:

Question 19

What is the maximum ordinate for influence line for the force in the member marked X?

Question 20

A hydraulic turbine develops 8000 kW when running at 300 rpm under a head of 45 m. the speed of the same turbine under a head of 60m is
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