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Question 1

For a masonry dam of base width b, at which location w.r.t. the central line , should the resultant loading intersect the sections to avoid tension in any horizontal section?

Question 2

Asserion (A) : The time-grid diagram facilities to readout the float for any activity by activity by inspecting the diagram.
Reason (R) : In thime- grid diagram, floats are represented by broken horizontal, lines as appropriate.

Question 3

If the average discharge in a sewer is 7500 m3/day then which of the following statement(s) is/are correct.

1. Minimum daily sewage flow is taken as 5000 m3/day

2. Minimum hourly sewage flow is taken as 2500 m3/day

3. Design sewage flow is taken as 0.26 m3/sec

Question 4

A 10m high retaining wall retains dry sand. Initially the soil has  = 16 kN/m3 and  = 30°. Subsequently, the soil is compacted and now its = 17 kN/m3 and ϕ = 35°. According to Rankine’s earth pressure theory, the ratio of initial passive thrust to final passive thrust is

Question 5

What is the equivalent spring stiffness for the system of springs shown in the figure given below?

Question 6

A simply supported RC beam having clear span 5 m and support width 300 mm has the cross-section as shown in figure below.

What is the effective span of the beam as per IS : 456?

Question 7

A municipal sewage has BOD5 of 200 mg/L. It is proposed to treat it and dispose off into a marine environment. For what minimum efficiency should the sewage treatment plant be designed?

Question 8

Consider following statements regarding pile groups :

1) Settlement of a pile group is always less than that of a single pile.

2) For bored piles in sand, group efficiency generally varies from 2/3 to 3/4.

3) For driven piles in loose sand, group efficiency is more than 1.

4) For pile group in cohesive soil, ‘Block failure’ takes place for large spacing between piles and individual pile failure takes place for smaller spacing.

Correct statement (s) is/are:

Question 9

Assertion [A]: Filed test are used to find colour, strength and fineness of cement

Reason[R]: Testing of cement is necessary before starting of construction.

Question 10

Spalling stresses are produced in post-tensioned pre-stressed concrete members because of

Question 11

Statement (I):Rainwater is collected and harvested using storage structures like underground tanks for future use and also for recharging the aquifer.
Statement (II): Rainwater harvesting pits allow the rainwater to percolate and recharge the aquifer.

Question 12

In seismic exploration method, velocities V1 and V2 were 600 m/s and 4000 m/s the distance corresponding to the break point of velocities was 30 m. Based on this detail. What is the depth of overburden?

Question 13

Assertion [A] : Sieve method , Sedimentation method , Air permeability method are fineness test

Reason[R]: Sedimentation test and Air permeability test measures surface area while sieve test measures grain size.

Question 14

Which of the following statements regarding purlins are correct :

1. Purlins are designed for a maximum bending moment of where W is total uniformly distributed load on purlin, L is span of purlin.

2. Minimum depth of angle purlin in the plane approximate to the incidence of the maximum load should be

3. Minimum width of purlin should be

4. Wind load produces bending about minor principal axis of the purlin.

Question 15

A trip wire is mounted near the leading edge of a body

Question 16

Consider the following statements:

(i) Alluvial soils are wind transported.

(ii) Black cotton soil has very high bearing capacity.

(iii) The soil deposited in lakes is known as Lacustrine soil.

Which of the above statements are incorrect?

Question 17

Assertion A: Limiting value of slenderness ratio of column in more than that of a wall.

Reason R: A column can buckle w.r.t. either any of the two horizontal axis of cross section while a wall can buckle around only about one longitudinal axis.

Question 18

Consider following statements with respect to battens in a column in accordance with IS 800 : 2007

1. Minimum number of battens in a battened column should be three.

2. Thickness of a batten should not be less than th the distance between outermost connecting rivets.

3. Effective depth of an intermediate batten should be more than 0.75 times centroidal distance between column components.

4. Maximum spacing of battens should be such that slenderness ratio of component members should not be greater than 0.6 times slenderness ratio of member as a whole.

Incorrect statement(s) is/are:

Question 19

Fire in a building is to be extinguished by a fire vertical what air pressure must be maintained in the closed tank of fire engine partly filled with water, if the tank has to discharge water at a rate of 1500 litres/minute on the roof of the building 2.4m above the water level in the tank. The hose connected to the tank is of 75 mm diameter.

Assume the head loss due to friction in the hose as 0.4 m of water:

Question 20

Assertion(A): A rectangular beam subjected to a uniformly distributed load is subjected to zero shear stresses at the extreme fibers on all planes.

Reason(R): A state of uniaxial compression or tension exists at the extreme fibers.

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