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Question 1

Pick the correct statements

1) Calcium chloride addition in concrete proves more effective in slow hardening cement than in rapid hardening cement.

2) Calcium chloride acts as an effective accelerator thereby increasing rate of reaction.

Question 2

An engine was tested at local atmospheric pressure of 73 cm of mercury and local temperature of 100 C, and was found to develop X1 units of power. If it was later worked at conditions of 75 cm of mercury as local atmospheric pressure and at local temperature of 160 C, what proportion of X1 will it then develop?

Question 3

A simply supported rectangular concrete beam of span 6 m and c/s 200 mm × 250 mm is to be prestressed with a force of 1200 kN The tendon is of parabolic shape having zero eccentricity at the supports. Beam carries an external UDL of intercity 24 kN/m. The maximum dip of the tendon at the mid span to balance the external load should be

(neglect self weight of the beam)

Question 4

Consider the following statements regarding pyrolysis:
1) It is an irreversible chemical change brought about by the action of heat in oxygen-free atmosphere.
2) Range of temperature is 500 °C to 1000 °C
3) Internal heating causes organic matter to decompose physically and chemically rather than burn.
4) It is a highly exothermic process.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 5

An aircraft is moving horizontally with a speed of 216 kmph. The total wing span of the aircraft is 10 m. It has a chord length of 1m. The total aerodynamic drag force acting on the wings is 3 kN. Drag coefficient and power required for the flight (kW) are respectively. (Take density of air as 1.2 kg/m3).

Question 6

A vertical cut is to be made in saturated clay with c = 15 kN/m2, ϕ = 0o,  and .
What is the theoretical depth to which the clay can be excavated without side collapse?

Question 7

Statement (I): Soil compacted wet of optimum shows more shrinkage than that compacted dry of optimum.

Statement (II): The soil compacted on wet side has more orderly orientation of particles which allows them to pack more efficiency.

Question 8

Consider following statements:

1) Crop period is more than base period for any crop.

2) Delta (Δ) for sugar crane is more than wheat.

3) Duty of water at head of the distributary is more than at head of the water course.

4) Consumptive irrigation requirement (CIR) is less than Net irrigation requirement (NIR) for any crop.

Correct statement (s) is/are:

Question 9

A hydraulic structure is designed for 70 years recurrence interval design discharge. What is the risk factor that the flow capacity will be exceeded during future 25 years period?

Question 10

Which of the following statements regarding plastic theory is/are correct:

1) It can be applied to ductile material only.

2) Principal of superimposition is not valid.

3) It is not applicable is case of impact and fatigue loads.

4) Stress-strain relationship for tension and compression is different.

Question 11

In afillet weld, the direct shear stress and bending tensile stress are 60 MPa and 120 MPa respectively. As per IS 800 – 2007 . The equivalent stress (In MPa) is

Question 12

Consider following statements regarding bucking of column:

1. Bucking of column always takes place about the axis of minimum moment of inertia.

2. For same lateral dimension, a taller column buckles at a lower load than a column of smaller height.

3. Columns having slenderness ratio greater than 100 are called long columns.

Correct statement (s) is/are:

Question 13

A cantilever beam AB as shown in figure is subjected to a point load of 12 kN over a span of 6 m with E = 2 × 105 N/mm2 and Ixx = 6 × 107 mm4. The deflection at the free end will be

Question 14

Which of the following statement is true for the closing errors for a traverse plotted by magnetic compass?

Question 15

A two hinged semi-circular arch is subjected to concentrated loads P and 2P respectively at two points radius vectors to which make angle 30° and 45° with the horizontal. Value of horizontal thrust is given by:

Question 16

Which one of the following is correct in respect the influence line for the bending moment at one-fourths of the span from left support of a prismatic beam simply supported at ends?

Question 17

Assertion (A): Rebound hammer (Schmidt hammer) test gives only approximate estimation of strength of the concrete specimen.
Reason (R): The test represents the hardness of the surface and provides no idea of the concrete inside.

Question 18

Which of the following treatment units are designed for peak hourly flow:

1. Grit chamber

2. Trickling filter

3. Rapid sand filter

4. Primary sedimentation tank

Question 19

What shall be the radius of an exit taxiway with design exit speed of 55 kmph and coefficient of friction 0.10?

Question 20

The natural frequency of an undamped vibrating system is 100 rad/s. The damper has a damping factor 0.8 in the system. The frequency of vibration of damped system, (in rad/s) is __________.
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