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ESE 2019: Engineering Materials Quiz-3

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Question 1

Direction: The following items consists of two statements; one labeled as ‘Assertion (A)’ and the other as ‘Reason (R)’. You are to examine these two statements carefully and select the answers to these items using the codes given below:
Assertion (A): Carburizing is used for machine elements which have to have a wear resistance working surface.
Reason (R): The composition of surface layers are changed in carburizing.

Question 2

Arrange the following materials in the increasing order of their tensile strength?

Question 3

Statement (I): Fiberglass is polymer composite made of a plastic matrix containing fine fibers of glass.
Statement (II): Fiberglass acquires strength from the polymer and flexibility from the glass.

Question 4

Addition of which one of the following elements, shifts the lower critical temperature line in iron-iron carbide diagram towards the higher side?

Question 5

Consider the following properties for plastics:
[1]. Become hard on heating.
[2]. Increasing plasticity.
[3]. Ability to deform with rise in temperature.
[4]. Long chain structure.
Which of these properties for plastics are correct?

Question 6

Alumina doped with magnesia will have reduced thermal conductivity because its structure becomes

Question 7

The miller indices of a plane are proportional to _______.

Question 8

What is a surface imperfection, which separates crystals of different orientations a poly-crystalline aggregate, called?

Question 9

Miller Indices for the hatched plane in the below unit cell are represented as ____.

Question 10

In Eutectoid reaction a solid phase transforms into two other solid phases upon cooling. Which one of the following is correct in the case of Eutectoid reaction occurring in Iron-Carbon phase diagram?
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