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ESE 2018: GS & EA (Project Management + Eng. Maths) Section Quiz 9

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Question 1

The principal function of warranty is to:

Question 2

Which of the following are the example of an indirect cost?

Question 3

Project managers should pay attention to critical and subcritical activities when evaluating project time performance. One way to do this is to analyze 10 subcritical paths in order of ascending float. This approach is part of:

Question 4

Slack time is associated with

Question 5

What is the primary goal of the initiating process group?

Question 6

Which of the following is NOT an objective of a risk audit?

Question 7

The simplest form of quantitative risk analysis and modeling techniques is:

Question 8

Real matrices [A]3×1, [A]3×3, [C]3×5, [D]5×3, [E]5×5, and [F]5×1 are given. Matrices [B], [F] and [E] are symmetric. Following statements are made with respect to these matrices.
(I) Matrix product [F]T [C]T [B] [C] [F] is a scalar
(II) Matrix product [D]T [F] [D] is always symmetric
With reference to above statements, which of the following applies?

Question 9

For a scalar function, the gradient at the point P(1, 2, –1) is

Question 10

The inner (dot) product of two vectors is zero. The angle (degrees) between the two vector is
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