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ESE 2018: General Studies & Engineering Aptitude Quiz 44

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Question 1

In which of the following activities, are Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites used?
1). Assessment of crop productivity
2) Locating ground water resources
3) Mineral exploration
4) Telecommunications
5) Traffic studies
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

Question 2

In which district of Uttar Pradesh, first blackbuck conservation reserve is planned?

Question 3

SHINYUU Maitri-18 is a bilateral exercise started in which of the following city?

Question 4

In which district of Uttar Pradesh Adani Group have set up a 50 MW solar photovoltaic plant?

Question 5

Contaminated water gives rise to

Question 6

Government of India is giving much emphasis on ‘Women Empowerment’ these day. What does it mean?

Question 7

What is the process by which two or more chemically different monomers are polymerized to form a cross link polymer together with a by-product such as water or ammonia, known as?

Question 8

Which of the following is harmful for environment?

Question 9

Consider the following statements:
1) PERT is activity-oriented and adopts deterministic approach.
2) CPM is event-oriented and adopts probabilistic approach.
3) PERT is event-oriented and adopts probabilistic approach.
Which of these statements is/are correct?

Question 10

Aluminium Bronze is also known as __________.
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