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ESE 2018: General Studies & Engineering Aptitude Quiz 36

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Question 1

In the last decades, most serious nuclear reactor accident created MIC gas tragedy in

Question 2

Secondary pollutant is

Question 3

Identify the wrong statement in the following:

Question 4

Cadmium pollution may cause

Question 5

Direction: In the question below is given a statement followed by some conclusions.  You have to consider the statement and the following conclusions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.
The government has made huge security arrangements during the Olympic torch relay within the country in view of nationwide protests by some groups of people.  
I. The protestors may still disrupt the relay of the Olympic torch within the country.
II. The relay of the Olympic torch may pass peacefully during its journey within the country.

Question 6

Which city has been declared as India’s first world heritage city by UNESCO?

Question 7

From which of the following mineral ores is Manganese obtained?

Question 8

ISRO’s communication satellite GSAT-17 was successfully launched from ____________

Question 9

You are a teacher in a University and are setting a question paper on a particular subject. One of your colleagues, whose son is preparing for the examination on that subject, comes to you and informs you that it is his son's last chance to pass that examination and whether you could help him by indicating what questions are going to be in the examination. In the past, your colleague had helped you in another matter. Your colleague informs you that his son will suffer from depression if he fails in this examination. In such circumstances, what would you do?

Question 10

While travelling in a Delhi-registered commercial taxi from Delhi to an adjacent city (another state), your taxi driver informs you that as he has no permit for running the taxi in that city, he will stop at its Transport Office and pat the prescribed fee of Rs. Forty for a day. While paying the fee at the counter you find that the transport clerk is taking an extra fifty rupees for which no receipt is being given. You are in a hurry for your meeting. In such circumstances, what would you do?
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