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EMRS PGT Mini Mock - Part-1 : 03.12.2023

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Question 1

'Tolu Bommalata' (leather shadow puppet show) is a traditional art form from the state of:

Question 2

Who among the following is the author of the book 'The Testaments'?

Question 3

A computer monitor is also known by the name:

Question 4

In 'Internet' term WWWW, the 4th W stands for

Question 5

Select the option that represents the letters that, when sequentially placed from left to right in the blanks, will complete the letter series.

g _ c _ p _ c _ b c _ p s _ g _ c p _ s c

Question 6

A series is given with one term missing. Select the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.


Question 7

NPE, 1986 and POA, 1992 focused on-

I. Universal access and enrolment of all the children up to 14 years of age.

II. To integrate the physically and mentally handicapped children with general community as equal partners.

Question 8

Universalisation of primary or elementary education involves:

Question 9

Which of the following is not a symptom of dyscalculia?

Question 10

Wechsler Tests are example of
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