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DFCCIL EE/EC Analog Circuits QUIZ - 3

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Question 1

A three stage amplifier with identical stages with lower cut off frequency per stage ‘f1’ is given overall negative feedback. Depending on the overall gain, the system may oscillate at a low frequency fc given by

Question 2

Consider the feedback circuit shown in figure.

The feedback network used in the circuit has …………………… type of feedback topology.

Question 3

A class B push pull amplifier must deliver low of audio power to the output load. If the output transformer is 80% efficient then what is the minimum average dissipation rating required for each transistor ?

Question 4

Consider an amplifier circuit shown in figure. If the transistors θ1 and θ2 parameters gm1, rπ1 and gm2, rπ2 respectively then voltage gain |Av| is

Question 5

For the Darlington amplifier shown in figure below as :

Both Q1 and Q2 are identical with h parameter hfc = 100, RE = hie = 1 kΩ. If z parameter of the circuit diagram is given as

Then  is

Question 6

For the following given circuit, find the small signal voltage gain for β = 80 & VA = ∞ and VT = 26 mV.

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