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Database : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

Consider the following statements given below:

S1 : If every attribute is prime attribute in a relation R, then relation R will always be in BCNF.

S2 : If relation R is in 3NF and every candidate key is simple then R will be in BCNF.

Which of the above statement is correct?

Question 2

For a database relation R (a, b, c, d) where the domains of a, b, c and d only include atomic values, only the following functional dependency and those that can be inferred from them hold: a c , b d The relation is in:

Question 3

A table is a relational database has the following rows and columns:

The following sequence of SQL statements was successfully executed on table GATECSE:


Select avg (MARKS) from GATECSE

What is the output of the select statement?

Question 4

Which of the following is true?

Question 5

What are the potential problems when a DBMS executes multiple transactions concurrently?

Question 6

Why do we need concurrency control in B+ trees ?

Question 7

What is the optimized version of the relational algebra expression πA1A2C1 (A X B))) ?

Question 8

The relation scheme Student Performance (name, courseNo, rollNo, grade) has the following functional dependencies:
name, courseNo, grade
rollNo, courseNo grade
name roll
rollNo name
The highest normal form of this relation scheme is

Question 9

Which of the following statement is false?

Question 10

Consider 3 transactions  T1 T2 and  Thaving 2, 3 and 4 operations respectively. Find number of concurrent schedules.
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