Daily Routine of UPSC Toppers and Aspirants

By Aman|Updated : July 4th, 2021

This article will help the aspirants, especially freshers, to get an idea of the daily routine of UPSC civil services aspirant and what he/she should do to get the desired results in limited time.

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Daily Routine Of A UPSC Aspirant

Hi students,

As all of you know, UPSC civil services exam is a very long process- Preparation takes 1 year and the exam cycle- from notification to the declaration of final results takes more than an year. Hence, even for the luckiest of aspirants- the process is two years long.

In these 2 years, it is very important for the aspirant to follow a particular routine daily to get the best results for their efforts- that too without burning out.

Disclaimer: The time suggested here is indicative, aspirants may tweak the timings to suit their interests.

Daily routine of a sincere aspirant


What to do

7 am

Wake up. Waking up early will help you a lot in this process

7-8 am

freshen up and have breakfast

8-9 am

Read today’s newspaper- you can refer to The Hindu or The Indian Express.

9 am- 12 pm

Read a general studies subject like History, polity, economy, geography etc., particularly your strong subject alongwith making notes.

12 pm – 1 pm

Have lunch and use social media( if you really want to)

1-5 pm

Do your Optional subject and try to make notes.

5 pm- 6 pm

Tea/ coffee break alongwith a walk in the park- remember, relaxing is as much important as hustling so that you won’t burnout

6 – 8 pm

Revision of topics done earlier- they can be current affairs, Static GS or your optional.

8- 9 pm

Reading summary of daily current affairs and solve MCQs from any current affairs site.

9-11 pm

Your own free time- use it as you want

11 pm

Go to sleep

This is an ideal timetable for an aspirant. However, you can tweak it to suit your own interests.

For example, if you like waking up at 9 am, you can change the routine accordingly, however, we advise the aspirants to wake up earlier, especially when exams are 2-3 months away, It will help your mind work better in the exam environment without causing headaches.

Also, aspirants must divide the study time into 30-45 minute sessions for better concentration. Try to avoid social media chit-chats and unnecessary conversations.

Keep yourself surrounded with positivity.

Remember, UPSC civil services exam is not a sprint but a marathon, you have to prepare accordingly for the long haul- building resilience and stamina to withstand these 2 years. Your efforts will surely be rewarded handsomely by UPSC.

See you another time.

Keep Hustling!!!

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