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Daily Current Affairs Quiz II BBA & IPM and HM Entrance Exams II 06.12.2021

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Question 1

'Ekuverin' is a Joint Military Exercise between Indian army and military forces of which country?

Question 2

Who has authored the book titled ‘Public Service Ethics – A Quest for Naitik Bharat’?

Question 3

Who has been appointed as the chairperson of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)?

Question 4

Who has been appointed as the chairman of the Inland Waterways Authority of India?

Question 5

Name the Indian-American mathematician who has been jointly selected for the inaugural $5,000 Ciprian Foias Prize for the "highly original work" in Operator Theory by the American Mathematical Society (AMS)?

Question 6

Which country has won the men’s Junior hockey World Cup at the Kalinga Stadium, Odisha?

Question 7

Which country has won the Asian team squash championships 2021 held in Kuala Lumpur?

Question 8

Which country has won the Davis Cup title 2021?

Question 9

Renowned personality Vinod Dua passed away recently, he was a veteran _______.

Question 10

Which IIT will launch a Global Energy Consortium to boost the transformation towards a low carbon future?
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