BHIM - Bharat Interface for Money

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 23, 2022, 8:46

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is an app that was launched by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) on 30th December 2016. It was developed to make uncomplicated and effortless payment transactions using UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

BHIM makes instant bank-to-bank payments and also pays and collects money operating just a mobile number or UPI ID (a Virtual Payment Address).

Features of BHIM

The following are the essential features of the BHIM application:

  • Send and Receive Money: Use a mobile number or a payment address to send or receive money from friends, relatives, and customers. IFSC and MMID can also be used to send money to banks that do not offer UPI. A request for money and reverse payments can also be made if required.
  • Check Balance: BHIM allows to check bank balance and transaction data anytime and anywhere.
  • Custom Payment Address: In addition to the registered phone number, another custom payment address can be selected.
  • QR Code: Scan a QR code to enter payment addresses more quickly. Merchants may quickly print and display their QR codes.
  • Payment through Aadhaar: Users may send and receive digital payments via Aadhaar authentication using BHIM.

BHIM Benefits

  • Bharat Interface for Money is a digital payment app that works for all Indian bank accounts.
  • BHIM makes payments through bank-to-bank transfers, unlike wallet apps.
  • There are no charges levied for using the BHIM app for transactions between ₹1 to ₹100,000. Banks may levy charges for making UPI transactions, but even those will be minimal.
  • BHIM is simple, secure, and convienient.
  • BHIM also works on feature phones and without the internet using the USSD framework *99#.
  • BHIM 2.0 includes a "Donation" gateway, increased limits for high-value transactions, the ability to link multiple bank accounts, merchant offers, the ability to apply for an IPO, and the ability to gift money.
  • Currently, the BHIM app is available in a total of 20 languages, i.e., Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Odia, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, Marwari, Konkani, Manipuri, Khasi, and Mizo.

How Does the Bharat Interface for Money App Work?

  • First, download and open the BHIM app allowing the required permissions it asks for.
  • Then, find the bank account registered with your mobile number and verify it.
  • To register the number with the BHIM app, it will ask about the bank details, like the last six digits of the bank debit card and the expiration date.
  • After filling and verifying the details, the server of the BHIM app will ask you to set up a UPI PIN to get it registered with BHIM.
  • By default, BHIM assigns the registered mobile number as the Virtual Payment Address (VPA) that can be customized by replacing it with any other unique VPA available.
  • After creating the VPA, you can easily start transacting instantly.

Active Involvement of BHIM

All Indian banks founded on the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) infrastructure utilize UPI and allow users to send money immediately between 170 member banks of any two parties supported by the BHIM app.

Bharat Interface for Money is developed to facilitate e-payments in India directly through banks and promote cashless transactions. It is compatible with all mobile devices, including Android, iOS, feature phones, and the USSD medium via *99# service.

As of 31st January 2022, the BHIM app has 186.48 Million downloads on Android and 4.36 Million on iOS.

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Q1. Who developed the BHIM App?

Ans. The NPCI (the National Payments Corporation of India) developed the BHIM App.

Q2. When was the BHIM App launched?

Ans. The BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) App was launched on 30th December 2016.

Q3. How many languages are supported by the BHIM app?

Ans. Currently, the BHIM app supports a total of 20 languages.

Q4. What are UPI and BHIM?

Ans. Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is an app that lets you make simple, easy and quick payment transactions using Unified Payments Interface (UPI).