Sea Dragon Exercise

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 7, 2023, 11:40

In the Western Pacific, India, along with its Quadrilateral Security Dialogue partners- South and Korea Canada, are actively participating in the international Sea Dragon Exercise 2022 at Guam. The U.s, Australia, Japan, Canada, India, and South Korea are among the six nations partaking in the drill.

An Overview of the Sea Dragon Exercise

The operation will include over 270 hours of in-flight practice and operations spanning from monitoring simulated targets and even tracing a US Navy submarine.

Furthermore, It will be mainly centred on ASW (anti-submarine warfare) training. Each round will be rated, and the state with the greatest overall score will be awarded the Dragon Belt.

Elements of Sea Dragon Exercise

The Sea Dragon Exercise 2022 consists primarily of -

  • Training in ASW and school sessions. During the class lectures, pilots and flight officials from involved nations develop plans and formulate strategies that incorporate their home nations' functionality and equipment.
  • About 270 hours of in-flight coaching including everything from monitoring simulated targets to locating a real-time US Navy submarine.
    Every event held during the Sea Dragon Exercise is evaluated, and the nation with the most points scored wins the prestigious Dragon Belt award.

Significance of the Sea Dragon Exercise

Since some of the participating nations have difficult ties with China, the Sea Dragon Exercise is crucial. Chinese operations in the Indian Ocean Region are expanding for the previous two decades. This is due to the fact that the Malacca strait, as well as the Indian Ocean, account for 80 per cent of Chinese oil supplies.

China's Look West Policy is allowing it to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean. It has made considerable infrastructure improvements In Sri Lanka, Seychelles, the Maldives, and Myanmar. China is also seeking ways to strengthen its connections with the countries of the western African Indian Ocean region. In a way, China is attempting to colonize Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh by giving weaponry to these countries.

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The ASW (anti-submarine warfare) training and excellence program at Sea Dragon Exercise 2022 involves everything from detecting simulating targets to identifying a real US Navy submarine. During training, they take into consideration their respective country's talents and equipment, and airmen and flight commanders from all over the world formulate ideas and strategize.

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FAQs on Sea Dragon Exercise

Q1. What is the purpose of the Sea Dragon Exercise?

The US Navy hosts the Sea Dragon Exercise, an annual international high-end exercise, called the Sea Dragon Exercise which usually lasts for 2 weeks. It included Canada, S. Korea, as well as the Quad nations of the US, India, Australia, and Japan. The Malabar drill also includes the Quad states.

Q2. How many nations will be taking part in the Sea Dragon Exercise in 2022?

At Guam, the QUAD states, Canada, and South Korea conduct ASW operations as part of Exercise Sea Dragon-22.

Q3. In the Sea Dragon Exercise, how exactly does the anti-submarine warfare operate?

In the Sea Dragon Exercise, Anti-submarine warfare entails everything from deploying and tracking passive detectors on the seafloor, to even continually searching and, if required, eliminating enemy submarines using groups of submarines, warships, and aeroplanes.

Q4. What is the importance of the Sea Dragon Exercise?

The Sea Dragon Exercise is significant in light of certain countries' poor ties with China and indeed the PLA-expanding Navy's excursions into the region of the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Navy recently acquired 2 additional Poseidon 8I marine surveillance as well as anti-submarine warfare planes, which will help it keep a closer eye on Chinese warships in the area.

Q5. What is the Dragon Belt Award in the context of Sea Dragon Exercise?

Numerous events will be held amongst armed units of the participating nations during the Sea Dragon Exercise. The Dragon Belt Award is given to the state with the most scores. The Royal Canadian Air Force acquired the Dragon Belt Award in the year.