Pangong Tso Lake: Ways to Reach Pangong Lake

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 2, 2023, 16:37

If you’re planning a vacation to Ladakh soon, Pangong Lake is one place you mustn’t miss. The place is filled with such awe that you'll stand there speechless, absorbing the positive vibes the Lake has to offer. The magnificent scenery is breathtaking. The experience is unique; no words can describe it. You must be there to understand, see, feel and soak up all that the place has to offer for yourself.

Where is Pangong Lake?

You never know what surprises nature has in store for you in Ladakh unless you get there. Pangong Lake is approximately 4,350 metres above sea level and is the world’s highest saltwater lake. Its water, which reflects the clear blue sky and appears to be in shades of blue, contrasts with the barren mountains surrounding it. The Pangong Lake is over 160 kilometres long, and its location is as follows:

  • One-third in India and the other
  • Two-thirds in China.

What Makes Pangong Lake a Must see Destination

One of Leh Ladakh’s most famous lakes, Pangong Lake, comes from the Tibetan phrase “Pangong Tso,” meaning “high grassland lake.” You sit there mesmerised by its beauty, and you will not feel the hours passing by. Even after sitting by the river banks for an extended length of time, you still want to stay gazing in contemplation of its beauty.

How to Get to Pangong River

There are three ways for you to reach the Pangong River. 

By Road to Get to Pangong River:

From whenever you are travelling you must reach either 

  • Srinagar-Leh National highway No. 1D 

The fastest route from Srinagar to Leh via National highway No 1D is 637 km and will take you approximately 15 hours.


  • Manali-Leh National highway from Manali

The fastest route from Manali to Leh by National Highway is 583.3 km, and you will reach there in approximately 15 hours.

Taxis are available for your drive from Srinagar or Manali; the drive is long but spectacular.

By Air to Get to Pangong River:

Take a flight to Kusho Bakul Rinpoche Airport in Leh, the nearest airport to your destination Pangong Lake. You can proceed from there to the Lake by taking a ride in a taxi. The distance from the airport to Pasang Tso lake is 225km, and it will take you 5 and a half hours to get there. The journey through the scenic topography will take your breath away, and even though it will take you a while to get there, you will barely notice it.

Alternatively, you can make the most of the holiday by rising early and starting your journey to Pangong Tso Lake from Leh. Taxis are available, and you can make the day's trip memorable by soaking in all the beauty the place has to offer. You can reach before the sunsets and stay overnight to enjoy a beautiful serene morning by the lakeside. 

By Railway to Get to Pangong River:

The closest railway station to the Pangong river is the Jammu Tavi railway station. There are two routes to get there, one with tolls and one without tolls. The first route will take you around about 21 hours to drive a distance of 904 km, and the second route is slightly longer, and it will take you 25 hours to cover a distance of 975 km.

Things to Know About Pangong Lake

  • The water of Pangong Lake is salty and blue in colour. The many shades of blue are visible as the sun shines on the Lake in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and the Lake seems lively as a result.
  • One of the most outstanding qualities is the Lake’s fantastic colour changes throughout the day. The colours range from sky blue to deep blue, aqua to green, and rarely grey.
  • The water of Pangong Lake is salty, which is impossible to drink. 
  • Although the river comprises salty water, it freezes completely in the winter, transforming the landscape into a beautiful turquoise sheet.
  •  The Lake is revered by the Buddhists. For this reason, you cannot litter the place, and you have flags placed all over the place to remind you that the site is holy. It is better not to swim in the Lake or even dip your feet in the water. The first reason is not to hurt the sentiment of the Buddhist community. The second reason is the water is freezing, and the consequence of falling sick could be near-fatal as the nearest hospital is 34 km away.
  •  It is good to remember that the river is located on the India-China border, and It is not safe to visit the Pangong river without a permit issued by the DC in Leh.

Although the Pangong river is in one of the most remote areas in India, and it is difficult to get there, it is worth the effort. The mornings and the evenings are the best times to be there to watch the sunrise and sunset. The migratory birds also add to the spectacle. Winters in the region are as icy as the temperatures go below -20 degrees centigrade and the river freezes over.

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FAQ About Pangong Tso Lake

Can you drink the water from Pangong Lake, and why?

- The water of Pangong Lake is salty, which is impossible to drink. 

The rocks give out the ocean’s salts. As a result, lakes that do not drain into the sea become salty because the salt has nowhere to go. Pangong is one such river.

How did Pangong Lake become famous?

- The Lake became famous because the Bollywood blockbuster “three idiots” was shot by its banks. Ever since, tourists have been flocking to the place.

What makes Pangong Lake a spectacular sight?

- Pangong Lake is ever more attractive because of its changing colours according to times, appearing blue at one time and then changing to green or red another time.