MCA 21 - MCA21 version 3.0

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 1, 2023, 14:55

The MCA21 version 3.0 is a Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal that uses artificial intelligence to enhance user experience and enable online filings. Detection of fraud is another function of MCA21. Other features include e-scrutiny and corporate compliance management.

Revamped and Corporate Compliant

This version of MCA 21 has an almost new, wholly refurbished website. E-booking is another function. Version 3.0 is also digital corporate compliant. It has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to navigate and also easy on the eye. Updates in legislation can be easily accessed even as they appear on the website. In addition, the MCA 21 version 3.0 portal has a mechanism to track down historical changes in corporate law.

Using AI for Analytics

The MCA21 version 3.0 has an inbuilt e-consultation component that comes in handy to engage in online debates on planned proposals to improve or change corporate law. The e-consultation module uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to compile and categorize comments. Analytics based on the comments are used for formulating government policies. Also, to make decisions.

WebForms and Attachments

Attachments are part and parcel of the compliance regime. With corporate compliance key to MCA21 version 3.0, regulation and governance have only strengthened. The revamped MCA21 website eliminates the need for attachments with web-based forms that contain a pre-fill mechanism feature.

Bouquet of Functionalities

MCA 21 version 3.0 has a new email service with which MCA officers can communicate with stakeholders, both in-house and outsiders. MCA21 version 3.0 comes with a set of different functions from e-adjudication to compliance management; advanced helpdesk to user-friendly dashboards, a self-reporting function to data services.

Budget 2021-2022 Update

The MCA21 version 3.0 is one of many mission mode projects of the Centre. It also found mention in Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Budget 2021-22. To say it in one sentence, MCA21 version 3.0 is the digital corporate compliance portal of the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Ease of Doing Business

The ease of doing business directly impacts the volume of foreign direct investment (FDI) a country attracts. The MCA21 version 3.0 helps the ease of doing business in India. India was ranked 63 among 190 countries in the ‘Ease of Doing Business 2020 World Bank Report. If India wants to become an economic powerhouse, the ease of doing business is the mantra.

On Mission Mode

MCA21 version 3.0 was tasked with improving and streamlining corporate compliance and stakeholder experience. It is one of the Centre mission mode projects. MCA21 was launched in the year 2006. The online portal was to be fully operable by the end of 2021. By then, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs was to post all corporate-related information on the data analytics and AI-plus- machine-learning-driven MCA portal and its website.

Meeting Legal Obligations

MCA21 version 3.0 was designed to automate the functions and processes of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs; for enforcement and compliance of the corporate laws enshrined in the Companies Act of 1956 and 2013, with the express purpose to ensure that businesses do not lag when it comes to meeting their legal obligations.

The easy-to-access MCA21 version 3.0 portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has given a new understanding of the corporate culture of the Government of India. Corporate compliance management and enforcement are the buzzwords of MCA21 version 3.0. Its revamped website is every business entity window to take a look at the corporate climate in the country.

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FAQ on MCA 21

Q.1) What is the most important contribution of MCA21 version 3.0 to the business environment?

It has reinforced trust and confidence in the Government of India's economic policies; also made the Government sensitive to the expectations of corporate entities. The Government cannot take the business environment lightly. With the MCA21 version 3.0 there for everybody to see 24/7, it is not easy for the Government to shirk responsibility and run away from its duties.

Q.2) Has MCA21 version 3.0 helped improve the ease of doing business?

Apparently, yes. Of course, in conjunction with other measures. Corporate laws, how easy is it to register businesses plus the tax regime, like bringing in the GST, have an impact on the ease of doing business.

Q.3) Is MCA21 version 3.0 the final version?

As of now, that is the impression. Don't forget MCA21 is still a work in progress. In a country like India, nothing is written in stone. A regime-change at the Centre is all that is required to herald changes in corporate law.