Global Wind Day [June 15]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Jun 7, 2023, 10:44

Global Wind Day is observed on June 15 every year to celebrate wind energy and raise awareness about its potential. Organized by WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) as a global event, this day is observed annually by all UN member nations. Global Wind Day is an event that reinforces the idea of choosing sustainable alternative energy.

This day was inaugurated in 2007 EWEA and was celebrated by 35,000 people from 18 different countries in Europe. We have shared more about the history, significance, and theme of Global Wind Day here.

Global Wind Day 2023

This year will mark the 16th celebration of Global Wind Day, which is organized by GWEC and WindEurope annually. The wind is a powerful natural resource, capable of producing energy, and whatnot. Global Wind Day is an occasion to acknowledge the power of the wind and raise awareness about its potential.

Global Wind Day is celebrated by all member countries of the United Nations every year. This global event is dedicated to celebrating wind energy. Find out more about this day from the table shared below.


Global Wind Day


June 15 (annually)






To celebrate wind energy and raise awareness about its potential as a sustainable resource

Global Wind Day Theme 2023

Every year, the Global Wind Day theme is set by the organizers, EWEA and GWEC. As this day is observed to celebrate wind as an energy resource, the theme of the day is also around the same. Many different countries participate in Global Wind Day celebrations annually.

Global Wind Day theme 2023 is not yet announced by the organizers but is expected to be out soon. Generally, the theme revolves around highlighting the benefits and importance of wind as an energy source.

Global Wind Day History

The history of Global Wind Day can be traced back to 2007 when it was officially organized for the first time by EWEA (European Wind Energy Association). The value of wind energy and its immense scope as a sustainable resource was realized. Here is more information about the history and origin of Global Wind Day.

  • In 2007, Wind Day was celebrated for the first time in Europe.
  • In 2009, the GWEC collaborated with EWEA to make Global Wind Day a global event.
  • The event saw the participation of numerous countries from all over the world.
  • In 2012, around 250 independent events were held in different countries.
  • Year after year, Global Wind Day continues to be a big global event.

Global Wind Day Significance

Global Wind Day is an important international event as it raises awareness about wind as an essential natural resource. Renewable energy resources such as wind are extremely valuable. They are free and are also not harmful to the environment. Global Wind Day is significant because it raises awareness about the many uses of wind energy.

Global Wind Day is also considered so significant because it spreads awareness about the following.

  • The wind is a resource that is capable of producing energy in various forms.
  • It is also a free and renewable energy resource.
  • It is a clean energy source, one which does not pollute the environment.

How to Celebrate Global Wind Day?

Every year on June 15, several countries around the world celebrate Global Wind Day. All UN member countries participate in the celebration of this day. Here are some of the ways in which people celebrate Global Wind Day.

  • Attend conferences, seminars, and other such educational events that talk about wind as an alternative energy source.
  • Pledge to participate in the usage of wind energy, as much as possible.
  • Support organizations that take wind energy seriously and work in its development.
  • Educate others about the importance of wind energy.
  • Participate in social media campaigns on Global Wind Energy Day to spread awareness.

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FAQs on Global Wind Day

Q1. When is Global Wind Day celebrated?

Global Wind Day is celebrated on June 15 every year by all UN member nations. This day is observed to celebrate the power of the wind. On Global Wind Day, people raise awareness about the potential of wind energy as a sustainable, renewable energy source.

Q2. What is the theme of Global Wind Day 2023?

There is no specific theme for Global Wind Day 2023. The organizers of this day, EWEA and GWEC conduct various events that highlight the importance of wind energy. The theme of the celebrations revolves around raising awareness of wind as an alternative source of energy.

Q3. Who started Global Wind Day and when?

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) started Global Wind Day in 2007. The motive of this initiative was to make wind energy a popular alternative energy resource. A total of 18 countries in Europe participated in the inaugural Global Wind Day.

Q4. Why do we celebrate Global Wind Day?

Global Wind Day is celebrated to highlight the potential of wind as an alternative energy source. In a world that is highly dependent on non-renewable energy, finding wind as a powerful energy resource is a great achievement. Global Wind Day celebrates the power of the wind.

Q5. How to celebrate Global Wind Day?

Global Wind Day is celebrated on June 15 every year. Some of the ways to celebrate Global Wind Day are as follows.

  • Educate yourself and others about using wind as an alternative energy resource.
  • If possible, use wind energy resources.
  • Join conferences, seminars, and online campaigns on Wind Day.