Flowering Trees in India: 10 Beautiful Trees in India

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 8, 2023, 17:26

Here you will learn about the Flowering Trees in India that are native species to the Indian subcontinent. Nothing makes a landscape more spectacular than a fully bloomed flowering tree. Fortunately, India is blessed with mixed flora and fauna.

The summer-flowering trees in India add colour and vibrance to the dry season. However, some species bloom in cold weather as well. On this page, you will understand the garden trees in India, ornamental trees, yellow flower trees, red flower trees, and more, along with their types.

List of Ornamental Trees in India

Ornamental plants or garden plants are grown for decorative purposes in parks and landscape structures. Below is the list of the best flowering trees in India to plant in your garden:


Flower Tree Names in India

Scientific Name

Blooming Season


The Indian Laburnum

Cassia Fistula



Pride of India

Lagerstroemia Speciosa

Peak Summer



Delonix Regia

April to August


Blue Jacaranda

Jacaranda Mimosifolia

Late spring to early summer


Silk Cotton Tree

Bombax Ceiba



Siris Tree

Albizia Lebbeck

March to May


Flame of the Forest

Butea Monosperma

February till April


Indian Cork Tree

Millingtonia Hortensis

After April and November


Rain Tree

Albizia Saman

March to May


Champak Tree

Magnolia Champaca

June to September

Top 10 Beautiful Flowering Trees of India - [Overview]

The Indian Laburnum

One of the most beautiful ornamental trees in India is The Indian Laburnum. It is also known as India's golden shower or golden rain tree.

  • The tree is in full bloom during the hot months of April-May with its cluster of bright golden yellow flowers, giving it its popular name.
  • It is a popular ornamental plant native to the Indian subcontinent.

Pride of India

Pride of India is another ornamental flowering plant and Maharashtra's state flower. Their bright purple flowers bloom only once a year during the peak months of summer.

  • They are low-maintenance and can grow up to 50 feet tall with leaves 12 inches long.


The beauty of the Gulmohar tree is unmatchable with its conspicuous bright red flowers.

  • Gulmohar is a flame tree and grows well in tropical and subtropical regions.
  • The tree is mainly valued for its seeds, wood, and shade.

Blue Jacaranda

Blue Jacaranda is often called Neeli Gulmohar because of its impressive purple flowers. They are planted in streets, parks, and gardens for ornamental purposes.

Silk Cotton Tree

The silk-cotton tree is famous for its white fibre for stuffing mattresses, pillows, and sleeping bags.

  • The trees shed their leaves in January-February to bear large and bright crimson red flowers.
  • The tree is commonly known as Semal in Hindi.

Siris Tree

The Siris Tree also serves medicinal purposes, from filling the environment with its sweet fragrance.

  • It is cultivated as a shade tree in India's tropical and sub-tropical regions.
  • The pretty white flowers bloom during the rainy season from March to May.

Flame of the Forest

The plant is rightly named after its bright red and orange flame-like flowers. Many people, especially in the south, associate it with the God of fire and use it in the worship of Shiva.

  • They are believed to have originated in Jharkhand and Bihar.
  • It is also the state flower of Jharkhand and is popularly known by Palash.

Indian Cork Tree/ Chameli

This evergreen beauty is grown all over India for its ornamental value. They bloom twice a year after April and November to produce white, bell-shaped, fragrant flowers. Women in Maharashtra use them to adorn their hair by weaving them into their braid.

Rain Tree

The Rain Tree is an attractive addition to any landscape with bundled pink flowers in a large canopy.

  • It gets the name from its leaves which droop as a sign of arriving rain.
  • The tree is native to Central America and was later brought to India.
  • They flower every year from March to May and also just before December.

Champak Tree

The champak tree is an evergreen flowering tree in India, native to South East Asia. It produces yellow-orange flowers that give out a strong fragrance.

  • Champak trees have been used to make fragrant hair and massage oils for the longest time.
  • The flowers bloom throughout summer.

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Top 5 Most Colorful Garden Trees in India

Check out some of the garden trees in India that you can grow in colleges, schools, hospitals, etc. All these trees have a flower that blooms and is best to develop for the landscape to generate fresh air.


Trees For Home Garden India

Scientific Name

Blooming Features


Golden Shower Tree

Cassia Fistula

Gives yellow flower tree in India during summers.



Senna Auriculata

Clusters yellow flower, state flower of Telangana.


Yellow Flame

Peltophorum Pterocarpum

Produces small yellow light green leaves.


Nandi Flame

Spathodea Campanulata

African tulip tree, gives redish – organe colored flowers in tropical areas.


Kachnar Tree

Bauhinia Variegata

Known as Poor Man’s Orchid, blooms pink, white, mauve, and magenta flowers during late winter.

List of Most Common Roadside Plants In India

Look at the best roadside plants in India that grow independently without any extra effort. Most of them bloom throughout the year, even in contaminated areas of the country.


Beautiful Tree Names

Scientific Name

Blooming Features


Flaming Trumpet

Pyrostegia Venusta

Blooms in winter. Produces reddish orange flowers.




They are evergreen, flower of bouganvilla are white,pink,orange and yellow.


Oleander or Nerium

Nerium Oleander

Contains pink flowers, popular for its shade and fragrance.


Yellow Oleander

Cascabela Thevetia

They are found on the poisonous road side in India.


Peacock Flower

Caesalpinia Pulcherrima

It’s seeds are poisonous. It is a ornamental plant for public gardens.

FAQs on Flowering Trees in India

What are the most beautiful trees in India?

There are many beautiful trees in India; here are some flowering trees in India, namely:

  • Pride of India / Lagerstroemia speciosa
  • Palash / Butea monosperma
  • Indian Cork Tree / Millingtonia Hortensis
  • Silk Cotton Tree / Bombax ceiba
  • Golden Shower Tree / Cassia fistula
  • Indian Coral Tree / Erythrina variegata
  • Gulmohar / Delonix regia
  • Siris / Albizia lebbeck
  • Ashoka Tree / Saraca Asoca and Ranawara / Senna Siamea.

Which flower tree Grows Fastest in India?

Sagwan Tree, Nimboo, Ber, Babool, Neem, and Amrood/Jamphal are the top 6 flower tree that grows faster in India.

Where is the cotton tree found in India?

Silk Cotton Tree is found mainly in parts of north India. This tree is widespread in New Delhi, India. The cotton fibres of this tree can be seen floating in the wind around the time of early May.

What is "Laburnum" commonly known in India?

Generally called' Amaltas' in Hindi, Cassia Fistula is a native tree of India. The name Laburnum is deduced from the Greek name of Dioscorides, an ancient tree with a sweet dinghy, and Fistula in Latin means Pipe, about the shape of the cover.

Which are the Popular Garden Trees in India?

India's most convenient garden trees are Guava Tree, Tamarind Tree, Eucalyptus Tree, Lemon Tree, Curry Tree, Wood Apple/Bael Tree, Drumstick Tree, Neem Tree, and more.

Which is the Yellow Flower Tree India?

Cassia fistula (The Indian Laburnum) is the yellow flower tree in India. It is commonly called the Golden Shower. During the hot months of April-May, the tree becomes most noticeable with its drooping golden yellow, mildly aromatized flowers.

Which are the red flower tree in India, and where are they found?

The red flower tree in India is the Gulmahor tree (Delonix regia) in Haridwar and the Indian coral tree (Erythrina variegata) in Coorg.

Which Trees have Orange Flowers in India?

African tulip trees and Sunshine Coral (Erythrina variegata) are the orange flower trees in India. Both are ornamental tree and has become invasive species.

Which are the Top 2 Trees with White Flowers in India?

Indian Cork Tree (Millingtonia Hortensis) and Indian Beech (Millettia Pinnata) are the two trees with white flowers in India.