Digital Locker

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 8, 2022, 10:08

As the name suggests, a Digital Locker can keep your digital assets safe. A Digital Locker isn't made for storing physical assets. You can store assets like certificates and documents in a Digital Locker. The Digital Locker will be protected with a password, and no one is allowed unauthorised access to your legacy documents. Often, we ignore the safety of our legacy documents and certificates.

Digital Locker - Overview

If one loses their original legacy certificates/documents, many hassles arise. It is why the safety of both physical and digital assets is necessary at present. There are many mobile applications and software(s) for storing digital certificates/documents on the internet. However, the one that gained hype was Digital Locker.

It is a government-owned online service that will protect your legacy documents and certificates. Read on to know more about Digital Locker and its features for storing documents.

Digital Locker Use cases

Launched under the Digital India campaign, Digital Locker is an online service used for storing documents securely. It was launched in 2015 by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology of India. Digital Locker can be accessed via any web browser or by downloading the respective mobile application.

The mobile application of Digital Locker is available for Android and iOS devices. One can upload scanned copies of your legacy documents on Digital Locker. If somehow your original document gets misplaced, you still have the scanned copies on Digital Locker. You can also upload digital certificates/documents on Digital Locker for added safety.

In 2015, the maximum file size for a user on Digital Locker was 100 MB which is now increased to 1 GB. However, the maximum file size for a single document/certificate on Digital Locker is 10 MB. Digital Locker was an attempt to boost paperless administration. In April 2016, most people joined Digital Locker when the government asked municipal bodies to go paperless.

As of now, around 3.5 crore users trust Digital Locker for storing their documents/certificates. More than 40 requester organisations legally accept Digital Locker documents at present. Even though Digital Locker was launched in 2015, there were several shortcomings. In September 2021, stable versions of Digital Locker were launched for both Android and iOS devices.

Structure of the online service offered by Digital Locker

The structure/sections of Digital Locker for every user are as follows:



My Certificates

This section contains URLs of the government documents. It also contains the documents uploaded by the user on his Digital Locker account.

My Profile

This section of Digital Locker contains the entire profile of the user according to the UIDAI.

My Issuer

This section contains the names of all the document issuers. It also displays the number of documents issued by each issuer.

My Requester

This section displays the name of the requestors that have asked for specific documents from the user.


All the registered issuers and requestors are displayed in this section along with the URL.

Digital Locker is more than just a digital platform for Indian citizens. It is a safe platform for citizens for storing legacy documents/certificates.

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FAQs on Digital Locker

Q.1. Is Digital Locker encrypted for the safety of documents/certificates?

Digital Locker uses the SSL technique to encrypt documents and certificates.

Q.2. What are the device specifications for using the Digital Locker mobile application?

Users with Android 5 or above can use/download the Digital Locker mobile application. For iOS users, you need to have iOS 11 or above for using the Digital Locker mobile application.

Q.3. Can I use the Digital Locker services via a web browser?

Digital Locker is an online service and can be accessed via web browsers. Make sure you use a secure web browser to access Digital Locker services.

Q.4. What is the storage space offered to Digital Locker users?

You get a storage space of 1 GB by using Digital Locker for storing documents.