Best Chess Player in India: List of Top 10 Chess Grandmasters in India

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Updated : Jan 6, 2022, 12:38

Chess is an old game that can be traced back to the 6th century. It is known to have originated in India and was called “Chaturanga”. The word means four divisions of the military, which includes the cavalry, infantry, chariots, and elephantry, represented in the game by the bishops, pawns, knights, and rooks.

To become proficient in the game, one must understand the rules, recognize patterns, think quickly, practice, and be able to review one's gameplay. Indians are not far behind in terms of being the best at the game that their country invented. Every chess player dreams of attaining the highest title of Grand Master.

List of Top 10 Chess Players in India

Sr. No. 





Vishwanathan Anand

Tamil Nadu



Vidit Gujrathi




Pentala Harikrishna

Andhra Pradesh



Nihal Sarin 




Krishnan Sasikiran 

Tamil Nadu



Adhiban Baskaran

Tamil Nadu



Parimarjan Negi




Surya Shekhar Ganguly

West Bengal



S.P. Sethuram

Tamil Nadu



Chithambaram Aravindh

Tamil Nadu


Who is the Best Chess Player in India?

Following are the details of the Top 5 best chess players in India.

  • Vishwanathan Anand from Tamil Nadu

The Numero Uno in the game of chess is Vishwanathan Anand. Known as "The Madras Tiger" and "Vishy Anand," he is unquestionably the world chess champion. He was born in Tamil Nadu and was a prodigious chess player from a young age. He was the International Chess Federation (FIDE) champion for three years. He also won the FIDE world championship in 2007, when he was ranked first in the world for the first time. The Indian Government has bestowed upon him the Arjuna Award, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Khel Ratna Award, and Padma Vibhushan.

  • Vidit Gujrathi from Maharashtra

Vidit hails from Indore, Maharashtra, and received the title of Grandmaster in 2013. He moved ahead and passed the 2600 FIDE rating in 2014. In 2018, he entered the 2700 rating club at Tata Steel.

  • Pentala Harikrishna from Andhra Pradesh

The third spot in the list of best chess players in India is reserved by Pentala Harikrishna. Pentala earned his Grandmaster title in 2001, which made him the seventh-youngest player to receive the title.

  • Nihal Sarin from Kerala

Nihal is known as the chess prodigy in India. He got his grandmaster title at the age of 14. He is also the youngest player to pass the 2600 FIDE Elo rating points. He exhibits a calm composure which has made him unbeaten by many veteran chess players.

  • Krishnan Sasikiran from Tamil Nadu

Often called the Indian Wall, Krishnan has proved to be an excellent chess player from India. He got the inspiration to play from his father, a chess player and coach himself. In 2002, he beat Vishwanathan Anand and received the Arjuna Award from the Indian Government.

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FAQs about Best Chess Player in India

  • Who is the best chess player in India?

Vishwanathan Anand is the best chess player in India.

  • When did Vishwanathan Anand achieve the title of World Champion in Chess?

Vishwanathan Anand achieved his title of world chess champion in 2007.

  • Who is ranked as the second-best chess player in India?

Vidit Gujrathi is ranked as the second-best chess player in India.

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