List of Bank Holidays in Karnataka 2023

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Feb 8, 2023, 14:25

Bank Holidays in Karnataka include every Second and Fourth Saturday, every Sunday, and other special religious and public days. There are also many regional days in Karnataka on which the banks will remain closed. The dates of festivals like Dussehra, Vinayaka Jayanthi, and Basava Jayanthi are also included in the list of bank holidays 2023 Karnataka.

Get an idea of the bank holidays in Karnataka to plan your bank visits accordingly throughout the year. The complete list of holidays, including weekends and significant local festivals, is shared here.

Bank Holidays 2023 Karnataka

Their details about Karnataka bank holidays 2023 are shared here. Karnataka is a state located in southwest India that has made significant advances in the business world, literary works, education, agricultural sectors, and tourism industry. This region is rich in culture and is home to many heritage sites.

There are many special occasions observed here that account for bank holidays 2023 Karnataka. Primarily, the type of holidays are categorized into:

  • Gazetted Holidays - Holidays mandated by the government of India are called gazetted holidays.
  • Non-Gazetted Holidays - Special public observances that are not mandated as holidays by the government are non-gazetted holidays.
  • Regional Holidays - These are holidays or special observances celebrated in a specific region.
  • Bank Holidays - Bank holidays 2023 Karnataka include gazetted holidays, some non-gazetted holidays, regional holidays, and weekend holidays.

Karnataka Bank Holidays 2023 - Complete List

Every Second and Fourth Saturday will be a bank holiday in Karnataka. Besides that, the banks will remain shut on various other occasions. We have compiled all the bank holidays 2023 Karnataka in the table shared below:




14th January

Makara Sankranti


26th January

Republic Day


18th February

Maha Shivaratri


22nd March



4th April

Mahavir Jayanti


7th April

Good Friday


14th April

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti


22nd April

Idul Fitr


23rd April

Basava Jayanti


1st May

May Day


29th June

Bakrid / Eid al Adha


29th July



15th August

Independence Day


19th September

Ganesh Chaturthi


28th September

Eid e Milad


2nd October

Gandhi Jayanti


14th October

Mahalaya Amavasye


23rd October

Maha Navami


24th October

Vijaya Dashami


28th October

Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti


1st November

Kannada Rajyothsava


12th November



13th November

Deepavali Holiday


30th November

Kanakadasa Jayanti


25th December

Christmas Day


Important Bank Holidays in Karnataka 2023

Here, we have shared some details about the most important regional bank holidays in Karnataka:

Makara Sankranthi (14th January)

Makara Sankranthi is one of the most important festivals in Karnataka. Various social events and traditions commemorate this day. Makar Sankranthi is also observed as one of the bank holidays 2023 Karnataka.

Ugadi (22nd March)

Ugadi refers to the ‘Beginning of the Year’. This festival is a momentous and historic day for Hindus, and on this day, people decorate their houses and buy new clothes. This day signifies a new beginning and is observed as an important day throughout Karnataka.

Basava Jayanti (14th May)

Basava Jayanti is celebrated majorly by the Lingayat community in Karnataka. On this day, people come to pray at Lord Basaveshwar's temple. Many people prefer to spend 6-7 days celebrating Basava Jayanti. This day is observed as a government-instructed bank holiday in Karnataka.

Vinayaka Chavithi (19 September)

Vinayaka Chavithi, or Ganesh Chaturthi, is a Hindu festival celebrated across the country, including the state of Karnataka. This day is celebrated with much grandeur in the state and is observed as one of the bank holidays in Karnataka.

Kannada/Karnataka Rajyotsava (1st November)

This day celebrates the establishment of Karnataka as a state. On this day, all the Kannada-speaking regions were merged into a single state. This is one of the important bank holidays 2023 Karnataka and is celebrated on the 01st November each year.

Kanakadasa Jayanti (30st November)

Celebrated on the 18th day of the Hindu month of Kartik each year, Kanakadasa Jayanti is an important bank holiday 2023 Karnataka. This day commemorates Kanakadasa, who was a great Kannada poet and saint.

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FAQs on Bank Holidays in Karnataka

Q1. What is the total number of bank holidays in Karnataka 2023?

There are a lot of bank holidays in Karnataka, including three gazetted holidays, and several regional and religious holidays. Besides that, every Second and Fourth Saturday will also be a bank holiday in Karnataka.

Q2. Is Karnataka Rajyotsava a state-mandated bank holiday in Karnataka?

Yes, Karnataka Rajyotsava is one of the state-mandated bank holidays in Karnataka. This day is observed on 01st November to commemorate the day on which all the Kannada-speaking regions were merged into a single state.

Q3. Is tomorrow bank holiday in Karnataka?

Bank holidays 2023 Karnataka include Second and Fourth Saturdays, all Sundays, all gazetted holidays, and public holidays including Makara Sankranthi, Ugadi, Basava Jayanthi, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Kannada Rajyotsava, and more.

Q4. Is bank Sat holiday in Karnataka?

Not every Saturday is a bank holiday in Karnataka. However, every Second and Fourth Saturdays are bank holidays. Other bank holidays 2023 Karnataka include Republic Day (26th January), Makara Sankranthi (14th January), Kannada Rajyotsava (01st November), etc.