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Clock Quiz

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Question 1

At 07:30, if the minute hand points towards west, then at the same time in which direction an hour hand points?

Question 2

How many times are the hands of a clock at right angle in three days?

Question 3

If we substitute 1 to 24 indicating hours on the dial of a clock day and night by the letters of the English alphabet in their order starting with ‘c’ which letter will represent 16 hours?

Question 4

A clock is set right at 10 am today. Clock loses 10 minutes in 24 hrs. What will be the correct time when the clock indicates 9 am on 7th day?

Question 5

What is the angle between both the hands at 04:40?

Question 6

At what time between 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., the 900 angle will be formed by hour hand and minute hand?

Question 7

Find the time on the clock after 6:30 in which hour and minute hand make an angle of 1000?

Question 8

At what time the hands of the clock will show a water image of 7:25 ?

Question 9

How many times does the hour hand and minute hand overlap in 24 hours?

(A) 20       (B) 21

(C) 22       (D) 24

Question 10

A watch, which gains 4 seconds in 5 minutes, was set right at 9 AM. What time will it display at 9 PM on the same day?
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