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Clock & Calendar Quiz || BBA & IPM and HM Entrance Exam 2022 || 12.08.2022

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Question 1

5th January 2018 was a Friday. Which of the following years will also have 5th January on a Friday?

Question 2

A person goes out home and returns after sometime. He notices during his absence clock’s minute hand rotates 2880. How much does clock’s hour hand rotate in that duration?

Question 3

On Monday Sakshi reached 15 min before 9:00 a.m. for the meeting, Sakshi found herself half an hour earlier than the man who was 40mins late. What was the scheduled time of the meeting?

Question 4

How many Mondays will fall between 4 January 2020 to 5 January 2021 if 4 January 2020 is Saturday?

Question 5

What is the angle between minute and hour hands of clock of at 12:25?

Question 6

The calendar year for which year will be same as year 2017?

Question 7

Amit met his friend on Saturday which was after the 15th day of a particular month. If the 1stday of that month was Wednesday, then on which date did Amit meet his friend?

Question 8

At half past 5 in the evening, the smaller angle between the hour & minute hands of a clock is?

Question 9

How many odd days are there in 527 days?

Question 10

An accurate clock shows 8 O’clock in the morning. Through how many degrees will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 2 O’clock in the afternoon?
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