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Class XII Physics Semiconductor Electronics Quiz 6

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Question 1

A transistor amplifier connected in common emitter mode has a current gain of 98. The output voltage is observed to be equal to 3.6 V. The resistor connected to the collector is of 2.2 kΩ, the base current in the transistor is

Question 2

A junction transistor is connected in common-emitter configuration, to behave as an amplifier, the resistance connected to the base is 500 when the base current changes by 10 µA then the collector current changes by 2 mA. If the load resistance connected to the given transistor circuit is 4 k then the voltage gain is

Question 3

In the above given transistor circuit, the voltage across the battery connected to the collector is VCC = 7 V and output voltage VOut = 0.7 V, and the load resistance RL = 700 then

Question 4

If the d.c. current gain in common-base configuration is represented by α and that in common-emitter configuration is represented by β, then the correct relation between them is

Question 5

The logic circuit shown in the figure has the input waveforms ‘A’ and ‘B’ as shown, pick out the correct output wave from the figure.

Question 6

For given logic gate, write down the Boolean equation expressing the output X in terms of the input A, B, and C

Question 7

What fraction of tetravalent atom must be replaced with pentavalent atom so as to increase its number density of about by a factor of 10000.(density of tetravalent is 2.33 g/cm3 ,molar mass is 28.1 g/mol, density of pentavalent is 4.28 g/cm3 ,molar mass is 17.3 g/mol)

Question 8

A semiconductor has electron and hole mobility as = 4500 cm2/V-s, = 200 cm2 / V s, ni =18 x 1012 /cm3. When conductivity is minimum, the hole concentration is
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