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Class XII Physics Semiconductor Electronics Quiz 2

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Question 1

A transmitting antenna at the top of a tower has a height 40 m and the height of the receiving antenna is 70 m. What is the maximum distance of them for satisfactory communication in the line of sight mode?

Question 2

The carrier frequency in an FM modulator is 500 kHz. If the modulating frequency is 3 kHz. What are the upper sideband and two lower sideband frequencies?

Question 3

Following are two statements on a transistor
Statement-1: The current gain, for a transistor gets reduced when the width of the base is increased.
Statement-2: The current gain, increases when the doping concentration of the base increases.
Which of the following options is correct?

Question 4

In a circuit containing npn transistor, the collector current is 10 mA. It is found that 90 percent of the electrons from the emitter reach the collector then

Question 5

How many gates are required to convert NAND gate to NOR gate?

Question 6

Water pump in a garden can be operated by two switches in the cabin. It is observed that pump does not turn on only if both the switches are on. Which gate resembles this condition,

Question 7

Direction: Select the correct option using below statement.
The electric field in the electromagnetic wave is .
What will be the intensity of the electromagnetic wave?

Question 8

When light shines on a p-n junction diode, the current (I) vs. voltage (V) is observed as in the figure below:

In which quadrant(s) does the diode generate power, so that it can be used as a solar cell?
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