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Class XII Physics Important Qs on Semiconductor Electronics

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Question 1

Current in the circuit will be

Question 2

The condition of a semiconductor diode can be determined quickly using

Question 3

The ratio of change in collector current to corresponding change in base-emitter voltage depends upon

Question 4

An experiment is performed to determine the I-V characteristics of a Zener diode, which has a protective resistance of R=100 Ω, and a maximum power of dissipation rating of 1 W. The minimum voltage range of the DC source in the circuit is:

Question 5

A circuit is charged with the help of a 16 V battery as shown in the figure, if Vs is a 28 V sinusoidal source, the maximum amount of diode current and reverse- bias voltage that appear across the diode is

Question 6

A 2V battery is connected across AB as shown in the figure. The value of the current supplied by the battery when in one case battery’s positive terminal is connected to A and in other case when positive terminal of battery is connected to B will respectively be:

Question 7

The reading of the ammeter for a silicon diode in the given circuit is :

Question 8

A transistor is operated in common emitter configuration at VC = 2V such that a change in the base current from 100 μA to 300 μA produces a change in the collector current from 10 mA to 20 mA. the current gain is
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