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Class XII Physics Communication System Quiz 1

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Question 1

If Pc be the power dissipated by unmodulated carrier wave then the maximum power given by this wave is _____.

Question 2

A signal of frequency 20 kHz and peak voltage of 5 Volt is used to modulate a carrier wave of frequency 1.2 MHz and peak voltage 25 Volts. Choose the correct statement.

Question 3

A signal of 5 kHz frequency is amplitude modulated on a carrier wave of frequency 2 MHz. The frequencies of the resultant signal is./are :

Question 4

The number of amplitude modulated broadcast stations that can be accommodated in a 300 kHz band width for the highest modulating frequency 15 kHz will be :

Question 5

Sinusoidal carrier voltage of frequency 1.5 MHz and amplitude 50V is amplitude modulated by sinusoidal voltage of frequency 10 kHz producing 50% modulation. The lower and upper-side-band frequencies in kHz are

Question 6

What will be the upper side band (USB) of a signal of 10 KHz with peak voltage 10v is used to modulate frequency of 1 MHz and peak voltage 20v ?

Question 7

The numbers of AM broadcast stations that can be accommodated in a 400 kHz bandwidth for the highest modulating frequency 20 kHz will be

Question 8

What will be the modulating index of an audio signal having the amplitude one half of career Amplitude.
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