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Class XI Physics Laws of Motion Quiz 5

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Question 1

A uniform chain of mass m hangs from a pulley, with unequal lengths of the chain hanging from the two sides of the pulley. The force exerted by the moving chain on the pulley is –

Question 2

In the given figure–

Question 3

A block of mass 2 kg is held at rest against a rough vertical wall by pressing a horizontal (normal) force of 45 N. Coefficient of friction between wall and the block is equal to 0.5. Now a vertically downward force of 15 N (tangential to wall) is also applied on the block. Then the block will –

Question 4

A plank 1 m long is fixed with one end, 28 cm above the level of the other end. The top half of the plank is smooth and the bottom half is rough. When a small block of mass m is released at the top, it just reaches the bottom –

Question 5

A body is moving down on an inclined plane of slope 37 °. The coefficient of friction between the body and plane varies as µ = 0.3x, where x is the distance traveled down the plane. The body will have maximum speed –
(sin 37 ° = and g = 10 m/s2)

Question 6

A board is balanced on a rough horizontal semicircular log. Equilibrium is obtained with the help of addition of a weight to one of the ends of the board when the board makes an angle θ with the horizontal. Coefficient of friction between the log and the board is –

Question 7

The magnitude of force (in Newtons) acting on a body varies with time (in micro second) as shown in the figure. The magnitude of total impulse of the force on the body from t = 4 µs to t = 16 µs is –

Question 8

Particles x (of mass 4 kg) and y (of mass 9kg) move directly towards each other and collide. If Δvx is the change in velocity of x and Δvy is the change in the velocity of y. The magnitude of the ratio is –
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