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Class XI Physics Kinematics 6

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Question 1

The acceleration of a particle is increasing linearly with time t as bt. The particle starts from the origin with an initial velocity v0 The distance travelled by the particle in time t will be

Question 2

A lift is going up. The variation in the speed of the lift is as given in the graph. What is the height to which the lift takes the passengers

Question 3

A stone dropped from a building of height h and it reaches after t seconds on earth. From the same building if two stones are thrown (one upwards and other downwards) with the same velocity u and they reach the earth surface after t1 and t2 seconds respectively, then

Question 4

A car accelerates from rest at a constant rate α for some time, after which it decelerates at a constant rate β and comes to rest. If the total time elapsed is t, then the maximum velocity acquired by the car is

Question 5

A particle moves towards east with velocity 5 m/s. After 10 seconds its direction changes towards north with same velocity. The average acceleration of the particle is

Question 6

A particle is moving eastwards with velocity of 5 m/s. In 10 sec the velocity changes to 5 m/s northwards. The average acceleration in this time is

Question 7

The length of second's hand in watch is 1 cm. The change in velocity of its tip in 15 seconds is

Question 8

A goods train accelerating uniformly on a straight railway track, approaches an electric pole standing on the side of track. Its engine passes the pole with velocity u and the guard’s room passes with velocity v. The middle wagon of the train passes the pole with a velocity.
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