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Class XI Physics Kinematics 3

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Question 1

Find the range of the ball which when projected with a velocity of 22.4 ms-1 just passes over a pole whose height is 6.4m.

Question 2

A projectile is fire with a velocity u making an angle α with the horizontal, at α = 45the range becomes maximum. What will be the maximum range if the projectile is inclined same angle with vertical?

Question 3

A ball is thrown from a fixed point with a speed of v and its angle of projection is α. At same time a man starts running with a constant speed of v/√2. If the man catches the ball what would be the angle of projection?

Question 4

A shell is fired from a gun; the maximum range of gun is 25 kms along horizontal. What will be the muzzle velocity of the shell? (Take g = 10m/s2)

Question 5

A ball is thrown horizontally from a height with a certain initial velocity at time
. The ball bounces repeatedly from the ground with the coefficient of restitution less than 1 as shown.

Neglecting air resistance and taking the upward direction as positive, which figure qualitatively depicts the vertical component of ball’s velocity () as a function of time ()?

Question 6

The accompanying graph of position versus time represents the motion of a particle. If and are both positive constants, the expression that best describes the acceleration of the particle is

Question 7

Two stones of mass and (such that ) are dropped time apart from the same height towards the ground. At a later time the difference in their speed is and their mutual separation is . While both stones are in flight

Question 8

A man of height h walks in a straight path towards a lamp post of height H with uniform velocity u. Then, the velocity of the edge of the shadow on the ground will be
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