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Question 1

Among Ni(CO)4, [Ni(CN)4]2- and

Question 2

"925 fine silver' means an alloy of

Question 3

In which of the following octahedral complexes of CO (At. no. 27), will the magnitude of Δ0 be the highest?

Question 4

With excess of water, both P2O5 and PCl5 give

Question 5

If a progressive wave is represented as

Where x is in metre and t is in second, then the distance travelled by the wave in 5 s is

Question 6

The gravitational potential at a place varies inversely with x2(i.e., V=k/x2), the gravitational field at that place is

Question 7

The magnitude and direction of the current in the circuit shown will be

Question 8

An electric bulb of 100 W is connected to a supply of electricity of 220 V. Resistance of the filament is

Question 9

If f : R → R be such that f(1)=3 and f'(1) = (6). Then

Question 10

Evaluate .

Question 11


Question 12

If one AM 'A' and two GM p and q are inserted between two given numbers, then find the value of .

Question 13

A die is rolled twice and the sum of the numbers appearing on them is observed to be 7. What is the conditional probability that the number 2 has appeared at least once?
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