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BITSAT Mock 14

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Question 1

Match the following and choose the correct option given below.

Question 2

The IUPAC name for the complex [CO(NO2) (NH3)5]Cl2 is

Question 3

Compound A and B are treated with dil. HCl seperately. The gases liberated are Y and Z respectively. Y turns acidified dichromate paper green while Z turns lead acetate paper black. The compound A and B are respectively.

Question 4

A colourless water soluble solid A on heating gives equimolar quantities of B and C. B gives dense white fumes with HCl and C does so with NH3. B gives brown precipitate with Nessler’s reagent and C gives white precipitate with nitrates of Ag+, Pb+ and Hg+. A is

Question 5

Seven resistances are connected between points A and B as shown in adjoining figure. The equivalent resistance between A and B is

Question 6

Mobilities of electrons and holes in a sample of intrinsic germanium a room temperature are 0.36m2V-1s-1 and 0.17m2V-1s-1 . The electron and hole densities are each equal to 2.5×1019m3. The electrical conductivity of germanium is

Question 7

A copper wire of length 2.2 m and a steel wire of length 1.6 m, both of diameter 3.0 mm are coneected end to end. When stretched by a force, The elongation in length 0.50 mm is produced in the copper wire. The stretching force is
(YCu = 1.1 ×1011 N/m2,
Ysteel= 2.0×1011 N/m2)

Question 8

Dimensions of a block are 1cm × 1cm×100cm. If specific resistance of its material is 3 × 10-7 Ωm, then the resistance between the opposite rectangular faces is

Question 9

If truth values of P be F and q be T. Them, truth value of ~ (~ p v q) is

Question 10

The proposition ~ (P q) is equivalent to

Question 11

For a GP, an = 3(2n) n N. Find the common ratio.

Question 12

The number of ways of painting the faces of a cube by six different colours is

Question 13

If the roots of the equation x2 + ax + b = 0 are c and d, then one of the roots of the equation
x2 + (2c + a)x + c2 + ac + b = 0 is
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