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"BARC Subject Revision Quiz 6:Environmental Engineering+Engineering Mathematics''

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Question 1

An imholf tank combines which types of treatment process:

1) Sedimentation

2) Disposal

3) Digestion

4) Disinfection

Question 2

What is the value of velocity gradient of a flocculation chamber 30 m long, 12 m wide and 5 m deep to treat 72 MLD of water having dynamic viscosity 1.29 × 10–3 kg/m-sec and power input 1.2 kW.

Question 3

Chlorine gas (8 mg/l) was added to a drinking water sample. If the free chlorine residual and pH was measured to be 2 mg/l and 7 .5 respectively, what is the concentration of residual OCl- ions in the water? Assume that chlorine gas added to water is completely converted to HOCl and OCl-. Atomic weight of Cl: 35 .5

Use: OCl- + H+ HOCl; K = 107.5

Question 4

What is the composition of photochemical smog?

Question 5

A waste water plant produces 950 kg of dry solids per day at a moisture content of 92%. The solids are 60% volatile with a specific gravity of 1.1 and the remaining are non-volatile with a specific gravity of 2.54. What is the volume (in m3) of sludge after digestion, which reduces volatile solids content by 40% and decreases the moisture to 90%?

Question 6

The value of particular integral (P.I.) of the differential equation  at , will be

Question 7

Biotransformation of an organic compound having concentration (x) can be modeted using an ordinary differential equation Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\Civil Engg\Civil Engineeing-04-Apr\Civil-Engineering-2004_files\image093.png, where k is the reaction rate constant, If x = a at t = 0, the solution of the equation is

Question 8

The directional derivative of f = 2x2 + 3y2 + z2 at the point P(2, 1, 3) in direction of the vector  is

Question 9

The equation of the two lines of regression are, 2x + y + 5 = 0 and x + 2y + 7 = 0. The correlation co-efficient between ‘x’ and ‘y’ is

Question 10

Find the area common to parabola y2 = ax and the circle x2 + y2 = 4ax
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