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"BARC Subject Revision Quiz 4 : Design Of Concrete Structures+ Design Of steel Structures "

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Question 1

A post tensioned concrete beam 200mm wide and 450mm deep is prestressed by a circular cable with zero and 150 mm eccentricity at ends and center respectively. The span of beam is 10 m. The cable is to be stressed from one end with initial stress of 840 N/mm2 is available at unjacked end immediately after anchoring. Calculate percentage loss due to friction. Take friction coefficient as 0.6 and for wave effect as 0.003 per m.

Question 2

Estimate the quantity of cement required per m3 of concrete under the following mix design:

Water cement ratio = 0.55

C:FA:CA = 1:2:4 (By mass)

The specific gravities are: cement = 3.15, fine aggregate = 2.65, coarse aggregate = 2.6

Question 3

If the width of landing on both sides of the dog-legged stairs is 1m and the going is 7m. What is the effective span.

Question 4

A circular plate 120 mm in diameter is welded to another plate by means of 8 mm size fillet weld. Calculate ultimate twisting moment capacity (kN-m) that can be resisted by fillet welded connection as per LSM design. Use Fe410 and shop welding

Question 5

The reduction coefficient of a reinforced concrete column with an effective length of 4.8 m and size 250 x 300 mm is

Question 6

A single equal angle ISA 90 × 90 × 6 mm is connected to a gusset plate using 20 mm bolt. Rupture strength of angle will be _______ kN.

{Given, β = 0.9, Fe410}.

Question 7

As per IS: 800-2007, the entire cross-section of I-section beam will be effective in resisting moment, if design shear force is ____.

Consider for I-section, tf = 16 mm, tw = 10 mm, depth = 240 mm, fy = 250 Mpa

Question 8

In a welded plate girder, the web plate is connected to flange along both longitudinal edges. The minimum thickness of web plate of Fe410 grade steel is required by considering serviceability criteria for un-stiffened plate girder is ______ mm, if the depth of web plate is 2800 mm.

Question 9

A diamond section was used as beam having factor of safety in bending equal to 2.5. If the allowable stress is reduced by 15%, then the load factor will be come

Question 10

Match the following :

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