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BARC CE 2018 "Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg." Nuclear Quiz 4

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Question 1

In Newmark's influence chart for stress distribution, there are ten concentric circles and ten radial lines. The influence factor of the chart is

Question 2

A rectangular footing 1 m x 2 m is placed at a depth of 2 m in a saturated clay behaving an unconfined compressive strength of 100 kN/m2. According to Skempton, the net ultimate capacity is 

Question 3

No. Of blows observed in SPT are
Penetration of sampler no. Of blows
0-150mm 6
150-300mm 8
300-450mm 10
450-600mm 12
Water table is at ground and soil is fine. Take effective overburden pressure as 80kN/m2. Corrected value of N is

Question 4

An excavation is made with a vertical face in a clay soil has , . Determine the maximum depth of excavation so that the excavation is stable.
Given for and

Question 5

Diesel hammer for pile driving
a) Not suitable for driving piles in soft soils
b) Are self-contained and self-activated
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