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BARC 2020: Soil Mechanics Nuclear Quiz 4

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Question 1

The settlement of the soil particles is a function of
i. Intergranular stress
ii. Effective stress
iii. Pore water pressure
iv. Neutral stress

Question 2

What is the safe and critical hydraulic gradient for a structure resting on soil with porosity 45% and specific gravity 2.65? Consider the factor of safety as 6.

Question 3

A laboratory test report gave the following results of 3 samples (three phase soil) taken from a single boring. They are as follows.

i. Water content = 20%, Ɣd = 17.5 kN/m3, Ɣs = 26 kN/m3, Silt

ii. Water content = 17%, Ɣd = 16 kN/m3, Ɣs = 24 kN/m3, Sand

iii. Water content = 34%, Ɣd = 14 kN/m3, Ɣs = 28 kN/m3, Clay

Choose the incorrect sample(s).

Question 4

The natural moisture content of a soil specimen is 10%. While its void ratio is 0.62. Assume void ratio remains unchanged. Determine the quantity of water to be added in 1m3 of this soil in order to double its moisture content. Given G = 2.7.

Question 5

For the soil profile shown below, the effective stress in the middle of the clay layer is 105 kN/m3. What will be the settlement (in mm) of the clay layer due to primary consolidation? Consider Cs= 0.167×Cc and = 125 kN/m3.

Question 6

A flow net is plotted for a homogenous earthen dam of height 22.0 m and freeboard of 2.0 m. The results obtained are:
Number of potential drops = 10
Number of flow channels = 4
The dam has a horizontal filter of 30 m length at the downstream end, and the coefficient of permeability of the dam material is 5 x 10-4 cm/sec. What will be the discharge (in cumecs/m) of the dam?

Question 7

A long natural slope in an over consolidated clay (c' = 10 kN/m2, ∅' = 25 ° and γsat = 20 kN/m3) is inclined at 10 ° to the horizontal. The water table is at the surface and the seepage is parallel to the slope. If a plane slip had developed at a depth of 5 m below the surface, then the factor of safety is
[Take γw= 10 kN/m3]

Question 8

Find out the cohesive strength of a soil if the soil is a clayey silt soil having angle of internal friction as 30˚. The vertical face excavation in the soil fails at a depth of 4m. the soil has a density of 20KN/m3.

Question 9

According to cone penetration tests which of the following is incorrect

Question 10

Determine the depth (in m) at which a circular footing of 2 m diameter is be founded to provide a factor of safety of 3, if it has to carry a safe load of 1600 kN. The foundation soil has c = 10 kN/m2, = 30 ° and unit weight = 18 kN/m3.
[Use Terzaghi’s analysis and
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