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BARC 2020: Soil Mechanics Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

A Silica tetrahedron unit has

Question 2

Find the immediate settlement of a silty soil by considering Eu=2Mpa, N= 0.5 and influence factor = 0.95.the load applied to the footing is 600KN. The footing rest on the surface of infinite layer of soil and the size of the footing is found to be 1m X 1m.

Question 3

The permeability coefficient of sand with void ratio of 0.65 is 3.048 cm/min. Estimate the permeability coefficient at a void ratio of 0.8 using casagrande empirical relationship.

Question 4

10 m below sea water is the bed of sea. Take unit weight of water = 9.81 kN/m2. Take the specific gravity of soil solids and that of sea water as 2.67 and 1.03 respectively. Relative density of soil is 20%. Maximum void ratio is 1 and minimum void  ratio is 0.5. By how much amount the effective stress will change if water level rises by 8 m from initial.

Question 5

The relationship between water content (w%) and number of blows (N) in soils as obtained from Casagrande’s liquid limit device, is given by
W = 21 – log10 N
The liquid limit (in %) of soil is

Question 6

Match List-I (Type of shear tests) with List-II (Mohr failure envelops of total stress) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
A) Undrained test on normally consolidated saturated clays.
B) Consolidated undrained test on normally consolidated saturated clays.
C) Drained tests on normally consolidated saturated cohesive soil.
D) Unconfined test on clays.

Question 7

A surface footing 1 mx 1 m on a clayey soil with = 0 °has the ultimate bearing capacity of 4q. Which one of the following is the correct value of ultimate bearing capacity for a rectangular footing 2.5 m x 4 m on the same soil?

Question 8

Find the settlement under a rectangular footing 5mX8m with the same pressure given in the plate load test. If the plate load test was conducted on a sand sample with 300mm diameter plate. The pressure given was 100KPa was found to be 5mm settlement.

Question 9

No. Of blows observed in SPT are
Penetration of sampler no. Of blows
0-150mm 6
150-300mm 8
300-450mm 10
450-600mm 12
Water table is at ground and soil is fine. Take effective overburden pressure as 80kN/m2. Corrected value of N is

Question 10

The group efficiency of a three pile group forming an equilateral triangle, given by Field's rule, is ___________%.
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