Assam TET 2020: Syllabus for Paper -I & II. Download Syllabus PDF.

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Assam TET 2020 Syllabus PDF Download! Assam TET notification was out on 18 November 2020 for Post Graduate Teachers and the exam is expected to be conducted on 10th January 2021(tentatively). Assam TET consists of two paper- Paper 1& 2. Paper 1 is common to all the candidates and Paper 2 is subject specific- Commerce, Science, Mathematics ,General Studies & Current Affairs. We are sharing detailed syllabus for Paper 1& 2 Candidates can download Subject Wise detailed syllabus of Assam TET. As PDF  of Assam TET Syllabus is mentioned below. Candidates can also know about the Important topics to be covered for Assam TET 2020.

Syllabus of Assam TET Paper 1Check Here

Syllabus of Assam TET Paper 2 Optional Commerce

Syllabus of Assam TET Paper 2 Science & Mathematics

Syllabus of Assam TET Paper 2 General Studies & Current Affairs

Syllabus for Assam TET (HIGHER SECONDARY) Paper-I Common to All Candidates (Total Marks: 100)

The Paper- I consists of four parts namely Pedagogy, General English, Numerical & Assam & Its People and this paper will be of 100 marks. We are sharing detailed syllabus of Paper-1 which is compulsory for all candidates to qualify.

Part- IPedagogy 20 Marks
 General Principles of Teaching, Maxims of Teaching
 Significant trends in Modern Teaching Learning Process
 Process of Learning-Major Laws of Learning, Role of Motivation in Learning
 Teaching Methods and Techniques
 Teaching Skills
 Teaching Devices
 Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Cognitive, Affective & Psychomotor
 Lesson Plan: Essentials of a good Unit
 Teaching Aids
 Educational Psychology- Its Meaning and Nature: Application of Educational
Psychology in the classroom.
 Attention and Interest – Its Educational Implication
 Personality- Its Concept- role of family and school in personality development
 Education of Children with Special Needs
 Mental Health and Hygiene, Adjustment and Mechanism
 Intelligence- concept and nature: Individual differences in intelligence, creativity
 Significance of Adolescence Period
 Dimensions of Development during Adolescence- physical, intellectual, social,
emotional and moral.
 Emotional problems in the classroom.
 Understanding the adolescent learner- role of family and school
 Juvenile Delinquency
 Guidance and Counseling
 Understanding Developmental Hazards during adolescence.
Part- IIGeneral English40 Marks
 Remedial Grammar
 Determiners
 Tense Forms
 Auxiliaries- primary and modals
 Direct and indirect narration
 Active and passive voice
 Appropriate prepositions
 Vocabulary-antonyms, synonyms, homonyms
 Pairs of Words
 Clauses
 Punctuation
 Types of sentences
 Sentence structure – word order
 Common Errors
Part- IIIBasic Numerical (10th Class Level)20 Marks
 Algebra (i) Set theory (ii) Quadratic equation (iii) Ratio, proportion and variation
 Geometry (i) Theorems of circle, locus, symmetry & similar triangle (ii) Construction of quadrilateral and co-ordinate geometry.
 Commercial Arithmetic(Banking and tax)
 Trigonometry
 Statistics and probability
 Mensuration
Part- IVAssam & Its People20 Marks
 Ancient Assam: Bhagadutta, Bhaskar Varman
 Medieval Assam : Sukapha, Naranarayana, Vaishnava movement, Sufi
 Modern Assam: Advent of the British rule, Assam under colonial rule, Assam’s
role in the freedom movement.
 Physical, economic and human-physical division.
 Climate, biodiversity.
 Agriculture, tea, oil, cottage and small scale industries.
 Census Assam 2011.

Syllabus of Assam TET Paper 2

Paper 2 includes three Subjects- Commerce, Science, General Studies & Current Affairs. The paper 2 will be of 100 marks. We are sharing syllabus for Paper 2.

Option ACommerce100 Marks
Part IBusiness Studies20 Marks
Part IIAccountancy30 Marks
Part IIISalesmanship & Advertising20 Marks
Part IVBanking15 Marks
Part VInsurance15 Marks
Option BScience & Mathematics100 Marks
Part IPhysics50 Marks
Part IIChemistry50 Marks
Part IIIBiology50 Marks
Part IVMathematics50 Marks
NoteFrom Option B candidates have to choose any two subjects or two parts of their choice 
Option CGeneral Studies & Current Affairs100 Marks

1.India’s freedom movement
2. National Symbols
3. Constitution of India: Basic features, important Articles and important amendments
4. Right issues: Human rights, consumer’s rights, right to information. Right to education,
right to food, women’s right.
5. Economic Planning in India: Major objectives of Five Year Plans, Poverty, liberalization, privatization and globalization and the Indian Economy, Census 2011, inclusive growth.
6. Physical geography of India
7. Economic geography of India
8. Bio-diversity
9. Climate Change
10. Information technology: its applications
11. Fairs, festivals, dances and music of India
12. National institutions of India
13. International Institutions: UNICEF, U.N.( Functions & Organs), WTO (Objectives, functions and India’s role in the organization), ASEAN (Look East policy), SAARC.
14. Major tribes of North Eastern India
15. Events of current importance: State, national and international (Period to be covered from 1991 from the introduction of Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization to present day), Cultural, political, scientific, social, economic, literary and games and sports.


Assam TET Exam Pattern:

Assam TET will be of 200 marks with two papers (Paper-I & Paper-II) consists of 200 multiple choice Questions (MCQs), each question will be of one marks. Candidates have to qualify both the Papers.

Serial No.


No. of MCQ



Paper I (Common to all candidates)

Pedagogy, General English ,Basic Numerical and Assam and It’s People

100 MCQ


2 hours

Paper II

Candidates has to choose one of the three options as per suitability
Option- A – Exclusively commerce related
Option- B – Exclusively Science related
Option C –General Studies and Current Affairs

100 MCQ


2 hours


Total Marks




FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Which subjects are included in the Assam TET Syllabus?
Answer 1: Assam TET consists of two paper 1 & 2. Paper 1 consist of Pedagogy, General English ,Basic Numerical and Assam and It’s People and Paper 2 consist of three subjects Commerce, Science & General Studies and Current Affairs.

Question 2:Which are the best books to prepare for Assam TET?
Answer 2: The best books to prepare for Assam TET:

1. Assam TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) for Secondary Education Exam Guide 2020 Edition  (English, Paperback, RPH Editorial Board) R Gupta
2. Lucent's Tet Teacher Eligibility Test

Question 3: Assam TET will be of how many marks?
Answer 3: The Assam TET will be of 200 marks and questions will be in MCQ form.

Question 4: What will be total number of questions in Assam TET?
Answer 4:  The total number of questions in Assam TET is 200.

Question 5: What is the time duration for Assam TET ?
Answer 5: The time duration for Assam TET is 4 hours.



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