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Arithmetic Progression Quiz

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Question 1

 are arithmetic mean, geometric mean and harmonic mean respectively. Then identify the correct statement among the following :

Question 2

If the sums of n terms of two different A.P. are in ratio  , then the ratio of their 15th term is-

Question 3

The interior angle of a polygon are in AP. The smallest angle is 120°, if the no. of sides of polygon is 9, then find the common difference between the two angles

Question 4

There are four number which is in increasing AP. Sum of first two number is third number and product of first two number is fourth number. Find the common difference.

Question 5

Four numbers are in AP, if 4th number is equals to the sum of the square of other three numbers, the find the sum of all the numbers.

Question 6

If the and terms of an A .P. are 14 and 26 respectively, then find the term of the A .P.

Question 7

If 9 times the  term of an A.P. is equal to 24 less than 13 times the  term, then find the term.

Question 8

If sum of first three terms of an AP is 18 and multiplication of these three terms is 66, then find the term of the AP.

Question 9

The sums of n terms of two arithmetic series are in the ratio [2n + 3]: [3n + 5], then find the ratio of their terms.

Question 10

If  and  are in A.P. then the value of  is given by
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