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Alphabet & Number Sequence Series Quiz

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Question 1

 term of a series is defined as  where  then what is the value of ?

Question 2

Find the sum of the series up to n-terms:

Question 3

What is the minimum value of (a + b + c) (ab + bc + ca) 

Question 4

In the given series, find the number which is wrong.

97, 91, 86, 83, 79, 77, 76, 76

Question 5

term of the series is:

Question 6

Sum of the series  up to n-term is:

Question 7

   A ball is dropped from a height of 128 metres. Every time it hits the ground it bounces to half of its height. Calculate the distance travelled by the ball when it hits the ground for the 6th time.

Question 8

Consider all positive two digits numbers each of which when divided by 7 leaves a remainder 3. What is their sum?

Question 9

The sum of first 47 terms of the series  is:

Question 10

The sum of an infinite GP is x and the common ratio r is such that | r | < I. If the first term of the GP is 2, then which one of the following is correct?
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