WBCS 2022 Prelims Important Topics Based on Last 3 Year Exam Analysis

By Avijit Dey|Updated : June 13th, 2022

WBCS 2022 Prelims Important Topics Based on Last 3 Year Exam Analysis: West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) will conduct the WBCS 2022 Exam on 19 June 2022 at various centers across the state. In this article, we are sharing with you a detailed WBCS 2022 Prelims Important Topics Based on Last 3 Year Exam Analysis. Candidates are advised to read the  WBCS 2022 Prelims Important Topics Based on Last 3 Year Exam Analysis to get an idea of their performance and to plan their further preparation better.

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WBCS 2022 Prelims Important Topics Based on Last 3 Year Exam Analysis

Key Highlights

  • The exam was conducted in one shift, 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM 
  • Medium of Exam in Bengali and English

WBCS Prelims Exam Analysis 2022: Exam Pattern

A quick review of the snapshot of the WBCS Prelims Exam pattern and important information is below.

Conducted By


Number of Questions


Total Marks


Negative Marking

0.33 for the wrong answer

Number of Choices


Duration of the exam

150 minutes

Test type



Bengali and English Language 

WBCS Prelims Syllabus 

The WBCS Preliminary consists of only one paper on General Studies. The paper will include questions covering the following fields of knowledge:-

  1. English Composition
  2. General Science
  3. History of India
  4. Geography of India
  5. Indian Polity and Economy
  6. General Mental Ability
  7. Indian National Movement
  8. Current events of National & International Importance

WBCS Prelims: Questions Marks Weightage

The subject-wise marks weightage is discussed here:-

Sr. No


No of Questions


English Composition



History of India



Indian National Movement



General Science



Geography of India (special reference to West Bengal)



Indian Polity and Economy



Current events of National & International Importance



General Mental Ability



 WBCS 2019 Prelims Question Exam Analysis

  • PSC asked General English questions about synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, appropriate prepositions, etc.
  • General Studies Questions are information-based. 
  • West Bengal Geography and State GK questions are also focused on.
  • Polity and Indian Economy questions are concept based.
  • No numerical questions on General Science
  • Last one-year Current Affairs
  • Arithmetic and Reasoning questions are easy

WBCS 2019 Prelims Question Exam Analysis: Question asked

The following type of questions was asked in WBCS 2019 

  •  The word necrophilia means-
  • West Bengal Land Reform Act came into force in
  • Who conceived the idea of Pakistan?
  • A camera always has
  •  PCA stands for
  • The number of spinal nerves in the human body are
  • President of IMF 
  • 54th Jnanpith Award 
  •  Founder of the Ghadar Party
  •  Pakistan resolution was passed at
  • District Judge in a state is appointed by the
  •  'United Sovereign Bengal' advocated by
  • Malik Kafur was the general of
  •  Shilong is situated in

 WBCS 2020 Prelims Question Exam Analysis

The following type of questions was asked in WBCS 2020 Prelims Question 

  •  Questions are moderate 
  • Comparatively Reasoning and Arithmetic section is hard
  • Biology questions are rarely found
  • More focuses on Indian National Movement
  • Last 5-6 months current affairs appear mostly in Question Paper
  • Banking awareness and RBI related recently questions asked

 WBCS 2020 Prelims Question Exam Analysis: Question asked

  • The ‘FACT Check Module’ aims to
  •  Questions are moderate
  • Comparatively Arithmetic and Reasoning sections are tough
  •  Who wrote ‘Rajatarangini’?
  • The Finance Minister of India 
  • The slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ is coined by
  • The present Governor of West Bengal is
  • The literal meaning of ‘Lokpal’ is
  • The meaning of ‘Ghadar’
  • Chumbi Valley is on the boundary of
  • The founder of the Tattabodhini Sabha 
  •  Highest Tobacco producing state in India–
  • The Chairperson of Rajya Sabha is
  • ‘Zabti’ means
  • L.P.G. is a mixture of
  • The Chancellor of the State-run Universities in West Bengal is

 WBCS 2020 Prelims Question Exam Analysis:

  • Science Questions are Conceptual
  • Numerical questions on General Science
  • Computer-related questions
  • West Bengal Government Project-related question
  • World news-related hot topics
  • Emphasizes article, amendment, and case studies related to polity questions
  • Conceptual Questions on RBI and the Indian Economy

 WBCS 2021 Prelims Question Exam Analysis: Question asked

The following type of questions was asked in WBCS 2021 Prelims Question 

  • In terms of thermal conductivity (k) and electrical conductivity (δ), diamond has
  • A battery consists of 10 cells, each of emf 1V. If 2 cells are wrongly connected, the emf of the battery becomes
  • The binary equivalent of decimal number 4.625 is
  • Rampa Rebellion of 1922-24 
  • Family Income Ceiling for Kanyashree Scheme is not applicable if
  •  The recently much talked about 'toolkit' is basically
  •  Gandhiji was influenced by
  • Article 18 of the Indian Constitution guarantees the right to
  • Vikramsila Bihar was founded by
  • NRC is now in form of a
  • The spectrum of color in Compact Disc (CD) is due to
  • The highest peak of the Eastern Ghats is

WBCS 2022 Prelims Important Topics Based on Last 3 Year Exam Analysis

After analyzing questions of the last 3 years, subject-wise important topics are discussed here: -


Important Topics


This area is vast. Point out all important events. You can focus on important events like Mauryan, and the Gupta dynasties. PSC asks about regional dynasties like Satbahon and Pusyabhuti dynasties.

Sultani and Mughal periods are important topics for the Prelims Exam. PSC asks Bhakti and Sufism-related questions. Coming from Europeans, Later Mughals,

revolt of 1857 is the most expected topic of the WBCS Preliminary exam.

Indian National Movements

Indian National Movement chapter starts after the later period of 1857. Indian National Congress activities, Gandhi Period, Netaji, and INM are 

important topics for the WBCS exam.

Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal

You have to revise the following topics Properly.

  • Physiological division of India
  • Drainage System
  • Agriculture, Industries
  • Transports System
  • Minerals
  • WB Geography

Indian Polity and Economy

Polity important Topics

  • Making of Constitution
  • FR, DPSP, and FD
  • Union and states
  • Constitutional and Unconstitutional bodies

Indian Economy important topics

  • Five Years Planning 
  • National Income 
  • Poverty 
  • Agriculture and Industries

অন্যান্য গুরুত্বপূর্ণ কিছু বিষয়ভিত্তিক আর্টিকেল

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ভারতের জাতীয় উদ্যান এবং ওয়াইল্ড লাইফ স্যাংচুয়ারিClick Here
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2022 সালের ভারতের ক্যাবিনেট মন্ত্রীদের তালিকাClick Here


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WBCS Prelims Important Topics FAQs

  • It depends on the cut-off. Normally 120 marks are required to clear the cut-off.

  • The result for WBCS 2022 prelims will be declared within 6 months.

  • The WBCS Mains Exam pattern consists of 6 compulsory papers consisting of 200 marks each (objective and written) and 2 optional papers (Only for candidates applying for group A and/or B).

  • It will be published by the authorities at the time WBCS 2022 Prelims Exam Result Publication.

  • The minimum qualification is graduation for WBCS. So it doesn't matter whether your HS subjects are science or arts or commerce. You just need to have a graduation degree from any registered University.

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