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UPTET Level - 2 (Math/Science) Mini Mock Test: 13.04.2024

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Question 1

Which of the following level of teaching is not child-centred?

Question 2

The main objective of micro-teaching is to:

Question 3

Who has introduced the concept of brainstorming?

Question 4

निम्नलिखित में से यण संधि' का उदाहरण नहीं हैं?

Question 5

"स्वाभाविक" शब्द में उपसर्ग और प्रत्यय है।

Question 6

'अतिथि के लिए चाय लाओ।' इस वाक्य में "अतिथि के लिए" में कौन-सा कारक है?

Question 7

Which question is correct in its structure?

Question 8

Identify the type of sentence given below:

I'm really going to miss this place!

Question 9

Choose the correct direct speech for the indirect speech given below:

Raman said that Gujarati is easy to understand.

Question 10

If then value of  is:

Question 11

The number of observations in a survey is 40. If the mean of first 10 observations is 4.5 and that of remaining is 3.5, then the mean of whole survey is:

Question 12

A Sum of Rs 7488 is to be divided between Sonu and Monu who are respectively 18 - and 19-year-old, in such a way that if their shares will be invested at 8% per annum at compound interest, they will receive equal amounts on attaining the age of 21 year. The present share of Sonu is -

Question 13

A unit of inheritance in living organisms is known as:

Question 14

Which is the aquatic bryophyte?

Question 15

Which of the following is ‘total stem parasite’?
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